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Packaging Service

Packaging >> Contract Services >> Overview

Skyepharma can provide customized packaging solutions for oral solid dosage forms : Bottles, blisters including full serialization.

Packaging in Blister

Packaging >> Contract Services >> Blister

Primary packaging: Forming station for both PVCs and aluminium and all kind of feeder for tablets and capsules. Secondary packaging: Labelling, carton and casepacker.

Primary & Secondary Packaging

Packaging >> Contract Services >> Overview

Medichem has become a vertically integrated pharmaceutical company which can offer a complete range of products and services for the pharmaceutical industry with the highest standards of quality, operational excellence and environment respect.

Custom Packaging

Packaging >> Contract Services >> Overview

JGL provides flexibility in the quantity of commercial product supply, as well as in production scheduling also wide range of packaging presentations and formats for all product forms. Jgl performs manual activities upon requirement.

Supply Chain Management- Simplified

Packaging >> Contract Services >> Overview

To maintain the safety and integrity of your pharmaceutical products, Recro provides convenient contract packaging and logistics solutions.

PVC, PVDC, Aclar® Packaging

Packaging >> Contract Services >> Blister

Development, manufacture and control of generic pharmaceutical specialties, both for Neuraxpharm and other laboratories, performed at Lesvi facilities in Sant Joan Despí (Barcelona), Spain

Secondary Packaging & Serialisation

Packaging >> Contract Services >> Secondary Packaging

All the Companies of Orofino Group (Biopharma, Injectalia, Drug’On, K24) take care about secondary packaging including serialisation.

Third Party Manufacturing

Packaging >> Contract Services >> Secondary Packaging

K24 Pharmaceuticals provides secondary packaging for third parties.

Sterile Vials

Packaging >> Contract Services >> Vial

BIOPHARMA started its activities in 1995 and today is a leading ß -lactams antibiotics manufacturer, with a wide, global and skilled experience in contract manufacturing. The facility, located in Rome’s industrial area of Santa Palomba, is approved by the Italian Authority for the oral and

Aseptic Filling of Solutions & Diluents in Ampoules

Packaging >> Contract Services >> Ampoule

Injectalia, after some important investments in new technology, in different segregated buildings, mainly manufactures pharmaceutical products under different forms:nPre-filled syringes, Vials, Aseptic filling of solutions and diluents in ampoules.

Pharmaceutical contract packaging service providers offer solutions for primary filling, primary packaging, secondary packaging, kitting services and folding cartons, applying their several years of experience in the contract packaging marketplace. Contract packaging facilities are equipped with fully dedicated and segregated capabilities for primary & secondary packaging of antibiotics like penicillin, cephalosporins, and carbapenemics, as well as oncological and sterile liquid dosage forms and other non sterile liquid formulations like syrup, suspensions with additional service of tamper evident sealing and Data matrix. For Customized Secondary Packaging, pharma companies assist with design and development of package, labeling and carton design or point-of-sale displays to provide market-appropriate usage information, whether distribution is to consumers, hospitals, physicians, short-run clinical trials, or wholesale groups. A flexible secondary packaging operation provides fully-integrated solutions for pharmaceutical packaging equipments and consumer product lines while maintaining strict compliance with cGMP and other FDA regulations. Some important Packaging and labeling services are Cartoning, Custom assembly, Clamshell blistering, Shrink-wrap bundling, Display assembly and packaging, Bagging and overwrapping, Kitting, Reworking, Carding, Hand assembly and inspection. A Contract goods packaging service provider can perform almost any secondary packaging operation, from simple cartoning, without insert, to the assembly of the most complex