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Secondary Packaging For Controlled & High Potent Substances

Packaging >> Clinical Services >> High Potent / Biologic / Controlled Substance

Our two sites comprise 14 independent suites, including one with an adjacent cold storage room dedicated to temperature-sensitive products. For products with a TOR 0 (Time Out of Refrigeration), all packaging operations are carried out at 2/8°C.

Clinical Trial Packaging - Specialty Product Packaging

Packaging >> Clinical Services >> High Potent / Biologic / Controlled Substance

PCI is able to offer packaging solutions for unique products, with segregated suites and facilities for those products requiring special handling including Potent Packaging, Cold Chain, Biologics and Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal Products (ATMPs).

Packaging of controlled substances or biologics or high potent substances requires a license by Drug Enforcement Agency (“DEA”). As a contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO), pharmaceutical packaging companies offer a full range of integrated services, technology and support for the development, manufacturing and packaging of solid dose and non-sterile liquid pharmaceuticals. Contract packaging services of high potent or biologics or controlled substance provides customized and innovative clinical packaging materials. With GMP compliant clinical packaging facilities they offer Clinical packaging of high potent or biologics or controlled substance with Bottling (solids / semi-solids), Blister packaging – any configuration, Cold form & thermoform, Blister card sealing and walleting, Pouching / powder filling, Label application and kit assembly, Controlled substance packaging (schedule I – V), Ambient & controlled temperature (refrigerated / frozen) packaging, Tube filling, Creams, Ointments, Label printing with vision system.(Single panel,Multipanel booklet labels). Packaging design of high potent or biologics or controlled substance from simple pack design to complex, unique packaging requirements companies designing and engineering team can advise and guide clients on the optimal configuration. Their solutions offer practical approaches to support everything from complex temperature requirements to packaging and label options that are designed with the patient and site in mind. Whether clients need the labeling and assembly of prefilled syringes, device blinding for inhalers and vials, or advice on the packaging and distribution of controlled substances, packaging companies can provide guidance on a full range of your packaging requirements. Packaging equipment for high potent or biologics or controlled substance needed for today’s pharma/biopharma products continue to be very flexible and modular systems to handle very specific needs. Also, working with equipment providers to achieve this has become part of the drug production process for pharma/biopharma. Packaging materials for high potent or biologics or controlled substance one of the fastest-growing segments of the pharmaceutical market comprises formulated drugs based on highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs). This rapid growth is largely attributed to the growing number of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) that have recently been approved or are in development. These drugs are attractive because they are targeted therapies that deliver highly potent and often cytotoxic drugs (payloads) to selective sites in the body, linking them to antibodies that are taken up by only specific types of cells with the right antigens. Because the active drug is only released at the site of action, ADCs can be delivered systemically without causing harm to healthy cells.