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Primary Packaging - Tube Filling

Packaging >> Clinical Services >> Tube

PCI's small and large-scale tube filling is offered for topical delivery forms, accommodating liquids, gels, creams, and ointments.

Norden Tube Filler for Creams & Ointments

Packaging >> Clinical Services >> Tube

Famar offers a variety of flexible packaging solutions and formats for all finished dosages with fully equipped high-standard packaging lines and manual activities performed in all production sites.

Tube filling machines or tube filling equipments come into use when filling and packaging of suspensions as well as sticky substances such as tooth pastes just to mention a few. A majority of medicines that retail in powder form also require certain powder filling machines to pack. The manufacturers of all these forms of medicines must invest in the right equipment to make their job possible. Aluminums and plastics Collapsible tubes are available in market for packaging of Cream, ointment, Cosmetics and other products. Collapsible tubes has wide application in Pharma, food, and other industrial sector. aluminum collapsible tubes are internally coated to provide lasting stability. Collapsible tubes protects the inside products from oxidation. The laminated tube is created bringing together the advantages of both aluminum and plastic. Laminated tube suppliers in India, like Sorbead India, make use of the latest technology to create a tube, which 1) offers protection against light, air and humidity, 2) provides sufficient space for graphics and lastly 3) has the most aesthetic minimal seam. The demand and application for aluminum tubes nowadays is increasing swiftly and the world’s major markets including the pharma tube packaging industry are giving preference to these aluminum tubes due to the widespread benefits they render. A simple collapsible aluminum tube offers a mixed bag that includes a long nozzle, shut spout and internal tubes with a latex lining. These tubes possess exceptional barrier, The collapsible aluminium tube are produced with 97% pure aluminum slugs. These tubes are available in all different sizes. They permit controlled amounts to be dispensed easily and have NO SUCK BACK property. properties against light and air, making them perfect for the pharmaceutical packaging industry.