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4 UVA/IS - Varian (Flow Cell), Shimadzu

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> UV Spectrophotometry

Quinta is an established provider of multiple R&D and regulatory services for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and generic drug industries. Quinta holds GMP, GLP and GCP certificates.

Spectrophotometry UV/VIS

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> UV Spectrophotometry

Your GMP “One-Stop-Shop”, Angelini Fine Chemicals is a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO), which is fully dedicated to third party manufacturing of APIs, IMs and NCEs for the pharmaceutical and small molecule biotech industry.

UV/VIS Spectroscopy

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> UV Spectrophotometry

Our analytical centre provides these methods & equipment: Analytical methods and equipment are validated; LCMS, GCMS, HPLC, TLC; UV/VIS and IR spectrometry; Capillary electrophoresis; Thermal analysis – DSC, Calorimetry; NMR (400 MHz) + xRAY; PSD analysis

UV Spectrophotometer

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> UV Spectrophotometry

Well-equipped laboratories performing comprehensive tests for the finished products, WIP, raw materials, equipment cleaning in compliance to ICH guidelines using Pharmacopoeial methods, In-house test methods and customer's requirements.

UV/VIS Spectroscopy for Peptide Analysis

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> UV Spectrophotometry

Bachem is committed to using synthesis and purification strategies that yield products of the quality and purity you require. Our standard analytical package typically includes mass spectrometric analysis and determination of purity (by RP-HPLC).


Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> UV Spectrophotometry, UV Spectrophotometry

Our technical platforms encompasses, among others: UV-visible spectrophotometers, infra-red spectrometer, atomic absorption spectrophotometer (SAA) flame & oven, colorimeter.

Analysis of Highly Potent APIs

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> UV Spectrophotometry

Dishman strives to provide a comprehensive portfolio of analytical services to facilitate this work. Analytical services support both process control and material characterisation for laboratory and production chemistry from initial raw material release to release of the final APIs.

UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> UV Spectrophotometry

Sequent invests in the latest instruments and our laboratory has enough space to undertake client specific requirements for continuous routine or bulk analysis- Infrared Spectrophotometer UV-VIS Spectrophotometer Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy Labsphere.

GC-FID & UV & Visible Spectrophotometry

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> UV Spectrophotometry

Our scientists at WellSpring have years of experience using advanced analytical equipment to ensure precision during all our testing procedures. Our facility is fully equipped with modern chemistry and microbiology laboratories that operate beyond cGMP standards.


Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> UV Spectrophotometry

Cambridge Biomedical's lab staff is highly trained and exceedingly competent, and we leverage every one of their skills to meet our client needs. We offer a wide range of supporting services, which are available to add-on to your existing projects or to utilize for a standalone assessment.

Many chemical species absorb light in either the visible or ultra violet region of the electromagnetic spectrum. This absorption is caused by the changing electron energy levels in the molecule and is therefore characteristic of the molecular structure. The technique is particularly useful for performing rapid quantitative concentration measurements of organic species in solution. UV-Vis Spectroscopy is used to determine analyte concentration either at one time or often over a desired time period. The technique measures the absorption of light across the ultraviolet and visible light wavelengths through a liquid sample. Samples are dispensed into cuvette and placed in the path between a UV-Vis light and a detector. According to Beer-Lambert’s law, with a constant light path length and known absorption coefficient (dependent upon wavelength), the concentration of a compound in question can be determined from the light absorbed by the sample at that wavelength. Ideal Uses include: Quantitation of analytes, Quality assurance and control, Maximum wavelength determination. Technical Specifications: Wavelength range 190-1100 nm Strengths of UV spectroscopy include: Fast sample analysis, Suitable for a wide variety of analytes Much simpler than chromatographic techniques, User-friendly interface, Little maintenance required Limitations of UV spectroscopy include: Subject to fluctuations from stray light and temperature changes, Relatively low sensitivity, Other sample components may cause interferences, Not as specific as chromatography, Requires a relatively large sample volume, > 0.2 mL. Applications of UV and Visible spectroscopy include: Spectrophotometry, Suitable for colorimetric measurements, Specular reflection measurements, Trace organics analysis / monitoring, An extensive library of colorimetric and organic analysis methods is available including a wide range of applications such as clinical analysis, colour analysis, trace pollutant analysis.