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Datamatrix Station XMV

Packaging >> Serialization Equipment >> Automatic Inspection / Verification

The Datamatrix Station XMV is an all-in-one solution for the marking and verification of folded boxes, cartons and rectangular bottles.

Track & Trace Solution for Carton Labeling Machine

Packaging >> Serialization Equipment >> Automatic Inspection / Verification

The CLTracker TE™ handles the printing and verification of each carton and ensures accurate serialization identification.

Datamatrix Station XMV TE

Packaging >> Serialization Equipment >> Automatic Inspection / Verification

An advanced compact inspection solution integrating three processes in one system


Packaging >> Serialization Equipment >> Automatic Inspection / Verification

TrackSafe™ ables you to do serialisation and aggregation with focus on the preservation of the performance of your packaging lines and your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Bottle Mosaic Station BMS

Packaging >> Serialization Equipment >> Automatic Inspection / Verification

Bottle Mosaic Station uses its multicamera technology to have a 360 degree view of an unoriented object, e.g. a bottle for print and code verification.


Packaging >> Serialization Equipment >> Automatic Inspection / Verification

The LabelTracker™ is a complete automated station, such as a Labeler, that allows the identification and verification of unit level products for serialization.

T2620 Serialization System

Packaging >> Serialization Equipment >> Automatic Inspection / Verification

Compact, fully integrated system for marking and verification of pharmaceutical Track & Trace products

Advanced Bundle Station ABS

Packaging >> Serialization Equipment >> Automatic Inspection / Verification

The Advanced Bundle Station (ABS) uses a high resolution camera to read the 2D codes of every single carton aggregated into a bundle.

Flying CartonTracker™

Packaging >> Serialization Equipment >> Automatic Inspection / Verification

The Flying CartonTracker™ is an ultra compact unit that handles the printing and verification of cartons with the ability to reject any single carton on the fly. The Flying CartonTracker™


Packaging >> Serialization Equipment >> Automatic Inspection / Verification

The BundleTracker™ ensures the identification of products within a Bundle by creating the child/parent relationship.

Semi-Automatic Pharma Serialization Aggregation equipment are used for varied purposes ranging from Inspection of different criteria on one machine, Handling of a wide variety of container types, Detection of particles and cosmetic defects and Inspection of liquid and lyophilized products The visualization of all process steps is achieved on the GMP compliant touch display unit. The equipment allows the operator to conveniently assign the units from a lower packaging level (e.g., folding box) to a higher level (e.g., sets or shipping cartons) and, in this way, to set up the hierarchical relationships (parent-child relationship) in the database. The layouts for the printed labels are prepared and administered using the integrated Layouter. The system has a revolutionary and highly innovative method of integrating all components to simplify operations and reduce the complexity of the integrated system - DISCOVER SIMPLICITY! The operators manually place the packaged units layer by layer into the shipping cartons. After each layer is completed, the fully integrated camera mounted above takes a photo of the full surface area. The camera fully automatically moves to the previously set packaging height which always ensures a sharp focus. After reaching the defined number of units and layers, the aggregation step is completed and the label is automatically prepared. The system even allows the setup of the next packaging level (e.g., shipping carton to palette). The parallel use of the optional hand-held radio scanner accomplishes the aggregation of a palette as well. The operator is assisted by an integrated display on the mobile scanner. Serialization companies (CPO service provider as well) provide products for manual, semi-automatic, and automatic pharmaceutical packaging lines. The flexible solutions link production data with plant systems and databases that assist virtually any type of packaging line - Suitable for integration either online or as an independent manual feeding module, Capable of controlling the printing of variable data (datamatrix, GTIN, serial number, batch number, expiration date, etc.), Performs optical character recognition and datamatrix quality check per ISO 15415 using artificial vision., Designed for easy operation. Their systems require little operator intervention They offer aggregation modules for end-of-line track-and-trace control. Their modules are designed for matching the datamatrix code printed on the carton or bottle with the bundle or shipping case label., Perform simultaneous reading of cartons in a bundle or case through a single image, Manage batch information assuring the redundancy needed for a disaster recovery policy, Perform all production rework on a single piece of equipment, Work with or without a connection to the production server, Manage automatic end-of-line systems, such as print-and-apply labels and rejection, Options available for every type of application. For pharmaceutical/ biotechnological products, labelling has become a critical component of production. The drive to adhere to government mandates requiring the implementation of E-pedigree or Track and Trace labelling solutions in order to provide a precise history of the product's location, increases the importance of reliable pharmaceutical labelling. Packaging/ Serialization companies not only provides state-of-the-art pharmaceutical labeling equipment that can handle the task of applying labels at high speeds, but they also carry the best RFID and barcode technology that makes Track and Trace serialization easily manageable. Pharmaceutical Labelling Machines & Solutions in Action can be Tamper Evident Labels Applied to Small Boxes or Unit Serialization with Label Printer Applicator and even Label Applicator with Robotics for Labelling Vials and also Gentle feeding and a comprehensive inspection. Precision at maximum speed can be up to 36,000 containers per hour. A high-speed delta robot places up to 600 containers on the inspection machine per minute. Because the containers do not touch, there are no scratches and no broken glass – and therefore no machine downtime. Despite their speed, the containers are moved very gently on their way to inspection so that no air bubbles form in the liquid. The megapixel camera sees everything: even the smallest particles don’t stand a chance during inspection. Defective containers are rejected immediately. Whether area or line scan camera, fast or slow rotation – the configuration is adapted to your product and your requirements. After inspection, gaps are compensated. The machine gently lifts the sensitive glass containers out of the inspection machine and places them back in the nests without the containers touching each other. Only full nests leave the machine. No glass breakage, no loss of product, no downtime. This is inspection in new perfection. Often, the defects detected are only air bubbles.These are identified as particles, and the product is erroneously rejected. They have minimised this “false rejection rate”: with robot supported feeding and an automatic re-inspection.