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Analysis of Highly Potent Substances

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> High Potency APIs (HPAPIs)

When working with highly potent products like cytostatics hormones and antibiotics, we use our Highly Potent Substance Laboratory (HPSL) which consists of a set of analytical laboratories within a hygienic loop, equipped with dedicated equipment and specially trained personnel.


Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> FTIR / NIR

Biondustria L.I.M's Central Quality Control Laboratory is located in Novi Ligure where finished products analysis are performed.


Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Chromatography (TLC / LC / HPLC / UPLC / GC)

Our analytical centre provides these methods & equipment: Analytical methods and equipment are validated; LCMS, GCMS, HPLC, TLC; UV/VIS and IR spectrometry; Capillary electrophoresis; Thermal analysis – DSC, Calorimetry; NMR (400 MHz) + xRAY; PSD analysis


Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Chromatography (TLC / LC / HPLC / UPLC / GC)

Well-equipped laboratories performing comprehensive tests for the finished products, WIP, raw materials, equipment cleaning in compliance to ICH guidelines using Pharmacopoeial methods, In-house test methods and customer's requirements.

USP <87> Biological Reactivity Tests – In Vitro

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Microbiology

AMRI offers market-leading expertise in cytotoxicity assays. Our scientists use cell culture assays to assess the biocompatibility of a material or extract through an in vitro reaction of mammalian cells following exposure.

Osmolarity for Peptide Analysis

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Osmotic Strength / Osmometer

Over the years, Bachem has gathered an extensive know-how not only in the synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients, peptides as well as small molecules, but also in the analysis of these compounds.

Physico-Chemical Characterization

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Physical Characterization, Physical Characterization

With our vast experience we add exponential value to our client’s R&D programs at every stage of the drug development. We serve as a vital link between the pharmaceutical companies and the healthcare industry.

Microbiological Limits Testing

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Microbiology

JGL's analytical laboratory is GMP certified and offers microbiology testing which includes Microbiological Limits testing; Presence/Absence of Pathogens; Sterility testing; LAL testing; Identification of microorganisms.

Finished Product Purity Testing

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Overview

At Quotient Sciences, we pride ourselves on providing the best analytical support, delivering candidate screening, drug product analysis and phase-appropriate method development and validation.

Polymorph Characterization & Control

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Physical Characterization

Minakem's Solid Form Laboratory capturing a growing need from our clients to manage in-house polymorph characterization and control, crystalization conditions, filtration, drying and particle size reduction to add further value in process developemt and scale-up.