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Analytical Testing Services / Overview

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Overview, Overview

Cebiphar offers analytical testing of raw materials, APIs, excipients and FDFs. Testing is performed in accordance with Eur Ph, USP, or client specific methods. We regularly acquire new equipment to meet new regulatory requirements and clients’ needs.


Titrimetric, Potentiometric Analysis

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Potentiometry

Your GMP “One-Stop-Shop”, Angelini Fine Chemicals is a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO), which is fully dedicated to third party manufacturing of APIs, IMs and NCEs for the pharmaceutical and small molecule biotech industry.



Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Chromatography (TLC / LC / HPLC / UPLC / GC)

Our analytical centre provides these methods & equipment: Analytical methods and equipment are validated; LCMS, GCMS, HPLC, TLC; UV/VIS and IR spectrometry; Capillary electrophoresis; Thermal analysis – DSC, Calorimetry; NMR (400 MHz) + xRAY; PSD analysis



Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Chromatography (TLC / LC / HPLC / UPLC / GC)

Well-equipped laboratories performing comprehensive tests for the finished products, WIP, raw materials, equipment cleaning in compliance to ICH guidelines using Pharmacopoeial methods, In-house test methods and customer's requirements.


USP <87> Biological Reactivity Tests – In Vitro

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Microbiology

AMRI offers market-leading expertise in cytotoxicity assays. Our scientists use cell culture assays to assess the biocompatibility of a material or extract through an in vitro reaction of mammalian cells following exposure.


Osmolarity for Peptide Analysis

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Osmotic Strength / Osmometer

Bachem is committed to using synthesis and purification strategies that yield products of the quality and purity you require. Our standard analytical package typically includes mass spectrometric analysis and determination of purity (by RP-HPLC).


Analytical Service for Characterization

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Structure Elucidation

Dishman strives to provide a comprehensive portfolio of analytical services to facilitate this work. Analytical services support both process control and material characterisation for laboratory and production chemistry from initial raw material release to release of the final APIs.


Process Safety Analysis Testing by DSC

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> DSC

Cambrex’s expertise in high energy reactions and hazardous materials dates back to the work of Alfred Nobel, who founded the company in Karlskoga, Sweden in 1896. Cambrex can provide thermal and process safety studies to support manufacturing at our facilities or on a consultancy basis.


Reference Standard Qualification

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Overview

Cambrex’s analytical services are based on detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and stringent quality assurance practices to comply with cGMP standards. Whether your analytical requirements are big or small, let our expertise in research and compliance meet your needs.


Physico-Chemical Characterization

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Physical Characterization, Physical Characterization

With our vast experience we add exponential value to our client’s R&D programs at every stage of the drug development. We serve as a vital link between the pharmaceutical companies and the healthcare industry.