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Potentiometric Titrator

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Potentiometry

Well-equipped laboratories performing comprehensive tests for the finished products, WIP, raw materials, equipment cleaning in compliance to ICH guidelines using Pharmacopoeial methods, In-house test methods and customer's requirements.

Titrimetric, Potentiometric Analysis

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Potentiometry

Your GMP “One-Stop-Shop”, Angelini Fine Chemicals is a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO), which is fully dedicated to third party manufacturing of APIs, IMs and NCEs for the pharmaceutical and small molecule biotech industry.

Automatic Potentiometric Titration

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Potentiometry

Shijiazhuang Rainbowlabs pharmaceutical Technology Co. Ltd (Rainbowlabs) is a FDA-inspected laboratory set up to provide high quality laboratory testing and services to pharmaceutical companies throughout the world.

Characterization of Products by Potentiometer

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Potentiometry

The analytical hub of M2i Development is fitted out with equipment which enables it to perform physicochemical characterisation of products devised by its synthesis teams.


Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Potentiometry

Our services include the development & validation of analytical methods. We identify by-products and determine polymorphic product forms's broad portfolio of analytical methods includes HPLC(-MS), CE, GC(-MS), FT-IR, NMR, particle size determination etc.

Verification of Automatic Potentiometric Titration Methods

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Potentiometry

Rainbowlabs has received the highest accreditation from the U.S. FDA, Health Canada, ISO and CNAS over the past number of years. Rainbowlabs can do analytical method development based on customers requirement.


Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Potentiometry

Analytical research and development (AR&D) offers standalone services and supports our formulation development activities.

Potentiometric titrations by Potentiometer

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Potentiometry

Core Analyticals Pvt. Ltd. provides service of Potentiometric titratios by Potentiometer

Potentiometry & Volumetry

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Potentiometry

In the analytical development area, LABIANA GROUP offers a wide range of services for pharmaceutical and veterinary industries.

Potentiometry (Auto & KF Titrator)

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Potentiometry

GVK BIO offers a broad range of analytical services for complex research needs. We perform method development, validate and transfer Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) compliant methods for a broad spectrum of pharma compounds.

Potentiometric titrations are direct titrations based on principle acid-base titrations, redox reaction or precipitation titrations. The voltage across the substance in electrolyte solution is measured. The specific combination of electrodes, the neutral electrodes and reference electrodes are used to measure the voltage change. The test samples are dissolved in the proper solvent according to monograph, while the automatic electronic burette dispenses the certified titrant into the testing vessel. The millivoltage and dispense volume is recorded. The automatic potentiometric titration is used to perform USP/NF monograph assay and purity. Potentiometry is one of the methods of electroanalytical chemistry. It is usually employed to find the concentration of a solute in solution. In potentiometric measurements, the potential between two electrodes is measured using a high impedance voltmeter. Use of a high impedance voltmeter in important, because it ensures that current flow is negligible. Since there is no net current, there are no net electrochemical reactions, hence the system is in equilibrium. At its most fundamental level, a potentiometer consists of two electrodes inserted in two solutions connected by a salt bridge. The voltmeter is attached to the electrodes to measure the potential difference between them. One of the electrodes is a reference electrode, whose electrode potential is known. The other electrode is the test electrode. The test electrode is usually either a metal immersed in a solution of its own ions, whose concentration is to be discovered, or a carbon rod electrode sitting a solution which contains the ions of interest in two different oxidation states.