[{"orgOrder":0,"company":"Touchlight","sponsor":"Not Applicable","pharmaFlowCategory":"DU","amount":"Not Applicable","upfrontCash":"Not Applicable","newsHeadline":"Touchlight Announces First FDA Clearance of an IND Utilising Doggybone DNA","therapeuticArea":"Technology","highestDevelopmentStatus":"IND Enabling","country":"UNITED KINGDOM","productType":"Cell and Gene therapy","productStatus":"New Molecular Entity","date":"February 2023","url1":"","url2":"","graph1":"Cell and Gene therapy","graph2":"Touchlight"}]

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            dbDNA technology produces a minimal, linear, double stranded, covalently closed DNA vector through an enzymatic manufacturing process. dbDNA will be used as an in vitro transcription template for mRNA production in the manufacturing of a cell therapy product.

            Lead Product(s): Undisclosed

            Therapeutic Area: Technology Product Name: Undisclosed

            Highest Development Status: IND Enabling Product Type: Cell and Gene therapy

            Partner/Sponsor/Collaborator: Not Applicable

            Deal Size: Not Applicable Upfront Cash: Not Applicable

            Deal Type: Not Applicable February 28, 2023

            Touchlight CB

            Cosmoprof India

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