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Looking for Fillers, Diluents & Binders or Fillers, Diluents & Binders Agents? Find Isomalt & other pharma excipients for Fillers, Diluents & Binders dosage forms on PharmaCompass.


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Applications: Capsule filling, Dry blend, Hot melt extrusion, Dry suspension (bottle, sachet, capsule fillings), Starter pellets

Ingredient(s): Isomalt

Dosage Form: Granule / Pellet

Category: Fillers, Diluents & Binders

Route of Administration (Grade): Oral
Pharmacopoeia Reference: Ph. Eur., BP, USP-NF, JP

Technical Specifications: Solubility in water at 20°C (g/100g): 25; Particle size distribution (?m): d10 270, d50 400, d90 530; Bulk density (g/l): 820; Total water K. F. (%): 2,3; Loss on drying (%) (105 pa, 7 h at 25 ?C): 0,12

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