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Looking for excipients offered by Boai NKY Pharmaceuticals Ltd? Find information on Boai NKY Pharmaceuticals Ltd's regulatory filings (DMFs), cGMP inspections, pricing availability, etc. on PharmaCompass.

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Virtual Booth Boai NKY Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is one of the largest global PVP suppliers.

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Boai NKY Pharmaceuticals Ltd., with 36 years of experience, is one of the largest global PVP(polyvinylpyrrolidone) suppliers, Boai NKY is also the second-largest global manufacturer of PVM/MA products. Its pharmaceutical products are handled in class D cleanrooms and comply with government regulations, making it the first Chinese manufacturer to be EXCiPACT™ GMP certified. Boai NKY has a global distribution network and subsidiaries in Europe and Japan. Boai NKY’s commitment to sustainable production processes includes 100% recycling of processing water and the development of green production processes.
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