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AFSSI Connexions 2020

Lyon, Franc

07-8 July, 2020

The annual meetings of preclinical research.

5th Annual Inhalation Congress

London, UK

08-9 July, 2020

Annual Inhalation & Respiratory Drug Delivery Congress

6th Formulation & Drug Delivery

Online Event

08-9 July, 2020

Covers topics such as: Biologics Drug Delivery, Small Molecule Drug Formulation

IFT Annual Expo

Chicago, United States of America

12-15 July, 2020

Experience the newest products, latest trends, and cutting-edge innovations

Chemspec USA 2020

United States

15-17 July, 2020

The Fine & Specialty Chemicals Exhibition


New York, United States of America

15-17 July, 2020

The event for pharma, bio, device development and manufacturing.

Cosmo Tech Expo 2020

Pragati Maidan, Delhi

16-17 July, 2020

India's Biggest Manufacturing Solutions Trade Show

Bio Asia- Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan

22-26 July, 2020

One of the most iconic bio-themed gatherings in Asia.

Pharmaceutical Formulations

Zurich, Switzerland

27-28 July, 2020

Insights on recent developments in the field of Pharmaceutical Formulations.