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Mediterranean Congress of Chemical

EXPOQUIMIA, Barcelona. Spain

14-17 September, 2021

14th Mediterranean Congress of Chemical Engineering

Fi Asia - Thailand - 2021

Bangkok, Thailand

15-17 September, 2021

A 360-degree perspective of Southeast Asia’s thriving food and beverage industry.

XVI International Pharma Licensing

Brighton, UK

15-17 September, 2021

17th Annual IPLS Annual Meeting


Boston, MA

20-23 September, 2021

Industry’s Largest & Most Renowned Event To Accelerate Your Therapeutics.

BPI East 2021

Boston, MA, US

20-23 September, 2021

Access novel science, technologies and contacts to improve efficiencies.

Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing

Boston Convention and Exhibition Center

20-23 September, 2021

Bringing You Cutting Edge Case Studies Across The Cell, Gene & Immunotherapy.

German Biotechnology Days 2021

Stuttgart, Germany

20-21 September, 2021

DBT brings together entrepreneurs with scientists and partners.

iCDP 2021

Boston, MA, US

21-23 September, 2021

4th Annual International Cannabinoid Derived Pharmaceuticals Summit.

Formulation & Delivery UK

London, UK

21-22 September, 2021

Flagship Formulation & Drug Delivery UK event.

Contract & Outsourcing Conf 2021

Hyatt Regency, New Brunswick, NJ

23-24 September, 2021

Annual Contracting & Outsourcing Conference & Tabletop Exhibition

20th Annual Contact Pharma

Hyatt Regency in New Brunswick, NJ

23-24 September, 2021

20th Annual Contracting & Outsourcing conference

CPhI Middle East & Africa 2021

RICEC | Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

26-28 September, 2021

Pharma’s regional exhibition for innovation, networking, and business.


CIC Algiers - Algeria

28-30 September, 2021

The largest pharmaceutical technology trade show in Africa.

World Dairy Expo 2021

Madison, WI, USA

28 September-2 October, 2021

The best-known dairy cattle shows in the world

DPharm: Disruptive Innovations US


28-29 September, 2021

11th Annual DPHARM: Disruptive Innovations US 2021

Chemspec Europe 2021

Messe Frankfurt, Germany

29-30 September, 2021

35th International Exhibition for Fine and Speciality Chemicals

5th Biotech-Hanse Forum 2021

Stockholm, Sweden

30 September, 2021

Key players and emerging companies from the Swedish and German (language region)

13th EuPFI Virtual Conference

Virtual Conference

22-23 September, 2021

It brings together pioneering scientists with young researchers and students.

Thiazine Formation


28 September, 2021

Thiazine Formation: The elucidation of a thiol-maleimide side-reaction.