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Sweets & Snacks Expo 2021

Indiana Convention Center, IN

23-25 June, 2021

Business-to-business event for the confectionery and snack industries.

BOS Basel 2021


29-30 June, 2021

Discovery Outsourcing, Small Molecule CMC & Biologics CMC Outsourcing.

euroPLX 76 Noordwijk


31 May-29 June, 2021

This 76th Marketplace is an exchange for licenses, products, assets, etc.


Virtual Innovation Day


10 June-31 July, 2021

Smart Innovation through Hybrid and 505(b)(2) Regulatory Pathways

Lonza Capsugel

DIA 2021


27 June-1 July, 2021

The DIA 2021 Global Annual Meeting pushes beyond walls and borders.

Polymorphism & Crystallization


28-29 June, 2021

Online conference with industry leading process chemists and engineers.

Scientific Update

Taste Masking Optimization


28 June, 2021

To Optimize Taste and Improve Patient Outcomes

Adare Pharma Solutions

Continuous Chromatography of Peptides


29 June, 2021

An innovative process for large-scale GMP purification, MCSGP, etc.