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Drug Discovery Chemistry

California, United States of America

13-17 April, 2020

Dynamic conference for medicinal chemists working in pharma and biotech.

Cophex 2020

Seoul, Korea

14-17 April, 2020

Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Machinery and Equipment Exhibition

IPhEB Russia

St. Petersburg, Russia

15-17 April, 2020

International Exhibition of Pharmaceuticals, Engineering, and Biotechnology.


Pennsylvania, United States of America

20-22 April, 2020

Enhances the companies and careers of confectionery and snack professionals

IP Counsels Committee Conference

Palm Springs, CA

22-24 April, 2020

Event about latest issues in the biotech intellectual property sector.


Jiangsu, China

22-24 April, 2020

The largest exhibition for tissue paper & disposable hygiene products industry.


California, United States of America

24-29 April, 2020

Covers the latest discoveries across the spectrum of cancer research

RDD 2020

California, United States of America

26 April, 2020

Founded on the selection of internationally renowned speakers, lively audience.