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Peptide & Protein Characterization

Analytical >> BioAnalytical Services >> Structural characterization

According to the ICH-Q6B guidelines, proteins or peptides should be characterized in terms of their visual appearance, molecular weight, isoelectric point, pH in solution, amino acid content, primary structure, and the presence of disulfide bridges.

Purification & Characterization

Analytical >> BioAnalytical Services >> Protein isolation, identification and characterization

At Cayman, we perform qualitative and quantitative analysis, purification, and characterization of chemical entities such as natural products, synthetic compounds, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and drugs of abuse from organic and biological matrices.

Discovery Proteomics

Analytical >> BioAnalytical Services >> Proteomics

Discovery proteomics enables profiling of up to 9’000 proteins per sample across treatments or conditions and identifies significantly regulated proteins.

Analytical Proteomic Pipeline

Analytical >> BioAnalytical Services >> Proteomics

Proteome Sciences has developed an analytical proteomic pipeline to provide broad biological context of targets and drug mechanisms based on unbiased analysis of protein expression and phosphorylation (SysQuant®), statistical data modeling (FeaST) and a novel functional analysis tool (FAT).


Analytical >> BioAnalytical Services >> Calculation and Modeling of Pharmacokinetic Parameters

CBI provides a range of pharmacology and pharmacokinetics capabilities across a spectrum of indications that ensure reliable results in the drug discovery and translation process.

Identify Proteins and Discover Differences Between Samples

Analytical >> BioAnalytical Services >> Proteomics

The abundance of proteins in a sample of interest can vary by orders of magnitude, and often the most interesting proteins are present at very low levels. Discovery proteomics places high demands on separation, sensitivity, and informatics.

Method Development

Analytical >> BioAnalytical Services >> Method Development and Validation

QPS works with you to develop assays using the most appropriate technology platform. Before any method development work is undertaken, we sit down and discuss with you the assay requirement and its intended use.


Analytical >> BioAnalytical Services >> Immunoassay & Cell Based Assay

Marin Biologic is a woman Ph.D owned and managed Contract Research Laboratory which specializes in pre-clinical and clinical development, drug discovery and validation of cell based assays and immunoassays for biotech and pharmaceutical companies in pre-IND, Phase I/II or Phase III stages.

Anti-Drug Antibody (Immunogenicity) Assays

Analytical >> BioAnalytical Services >> Immunoassay & Cell Based Assay

BioReliance offers a wide range of immuno and cell based assays to support drug development throughout all stages of your product’s life cycle, from pre-clinical and clinical phases to lot release and stability testing.

Sub-Cellular Location-Specific-Target Capture Technology

Analytical >> BioAnalytical Services >> Proteomics

SCLS is Shantani's proprietary and most comprehensive method for target identification, validation and for determination of the mechanism of action.