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Dosing Pipette

Packaging >> Materials >> Pipette

Established 40 years ago, SOPAC Medical has increased, these last years, the development of new, useful, easy and economical packagings. SOPAC Medical counts 300 regular customers, various items, recent injection moulding machines and makes assembling in clean room.

Manufacturing Dosing Pipette

Packaging >> Materials >> Pipette

Biocorp serves different markets in France and abroad, our main customers being Pharmaceutical, Veterinary and Diagnostic companies. Biocorp is fully dedicated and structured to answer your requirements and provide you with all necessary certificates for the purpose of our collaboration.

Pharmaceutical pipettes are a high-quality primary dosage solution for all pharmaceutical liquids. The pipettes offered by manufacturers are of the highest quality level and are produced under secured and certified process conditions in accordance with the applicable guidelines. Pharmaceutical pipettes may be either made of plastic or glass. These products are available with various features such as: Volume- 0.1 ml - 100 ml, Cap in PE or PVC and NC, Screw cap size GL16; GL18; GL22 and PP28, Standard pipettes with lightly curved tip, etc. The pipettes are available with options: TE (tamper evident) 1, HDPE; TE (tamper evident) 2, PP and HDPE; Various tips possible (straight, curved and various lengths); NC in red; white or black; TE in white; blue; black or red. Benefit The pipettes, production methods and logistical processes must comply with the strict terms and conditions in the pharmaceutical markets in order to ensure the correct connection to QA & QC processes. Oral Dosing Pipette accessories include: Adaptors, Holders, Wipers, Tip caps. Oral dosing pipette are available with either a flat end or with the end which does not accept a luer connection, therefore removing the possible risk of someone applying a needle and injecting an oral dose drug. Scaling and printing on the pipette barrel is fully customisable and can include a company logo (2 colour print possible). Pipettes are suitable for pharmaceutical and veterinary uses as all components are compliant with FDA regulations. All processes – manufacturing, printing, assembly and packing are carried out under clean room conditions and in accordance with GMP. Oral Applicator Pipettes are also available for use on all sizes of animals. The veterinary applicator syringes have an ergonomic shape guaranteeing comfortable and secure handling. They can be filled either via the canula or the plunger end of the syringe, depending on what best suits your filling capabilities. The plunger can be printed according to your specifications, and wraparound printing of the applicator body is also possible. All materials comply with the requirements of the bgVV, EP and FDA. Available in sizes 4ml — 60ml Short Form Dosing Pipettes are also available in 3ml, 6ml, 12ml and 25ml sizes. The Short Form Dosing Pipette offers high-precision dosing for relatively large dosing volumes from 3ml to 25ml in a small outer package. The pipettes can be printed with your required graduations and also your company logo. As a partner of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries for many years, the wishes of our customers are the yardstick of our actions. We combine the fulfilment of requirements with regard to quality, price and availability with a high degree of flexibility by means of short decision-making routes. Quality pipette assemblies for pharmaceutical applications are available with a wide range of options in the choice of materials, dimensions, designs and closure systems. Pipettes made from glass or plastic are available from manufacturers with or without graduation in all standard DIN sizes, also with special packaging. Tailored to customers’ medium, manufacturers provide pipette assemblies for many different viscosities. All pipette assemblies are assembled automatically under the strictest hygiene conditions in our certified clean-rooms. Various pipette manufacturers offer individual and customised packaging of pipette assemblies. Pipette assemblies are individually sealed in PE bags, PE tubing or flat film.