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Rapid Subject Recruitment

Clinical Trials >> Patient / Investigator Recruitment >> Patient Recruitment

Quotient has the experience and expertise to deliver studies with the highest quality service and speed to clinical data. If you need a complete service including data management, data analysis, statistics and medical writing, Quotient is your answer.

Find Patients & Fill Trials

Clinical Trials >> Patient / Investigator Recruitment >> Patient Recruitment

Our team focuses on narrowing the gap between patients and clinical research by reaching out to physicians and their patients and helping them participate in clinical trials.

Enrolling Participants for Your Study

Clinical Trials >> Patient / Investigator Recruitment >> Patient Recruitment

When you place a study with Spaulding Clinical Research you have access to a team of recruitment experts, who are dedicated to enrolling participants for your study. Our recruitment metrics show that our team delivers and they do it on budget.

Boost Patient Enrollment

Clinical Trials >> Patient / Investigator Recruitment >> Patient Recruitment

Traditional methods of increasing enrollment are expensive and inefficient. SubjectWell’s recruitment marketplace helps you find the right candidates faster so you can stay on schedule, avoid risky spending on recruitment, and get to market faster.

Best in Class Patient Retention

Clinical Trials >> Patient / Investigator Recruitment >> Patient Recruitment

We develop study-specific retention plans when needed but our main retention strategy for all studies is to maintain close interaction with both patients and the primary care provider. We ensure patients feel valued, are kept informed.

Patient Engagement Plans

Clinical Trials >> Patient / Investigator Recruitment >> Patient Recruitment

The Patient Engagement Plan places the patient at the centre of the clinical trial’s preparation and management. Each plan is different, tailored to the specific circumstances of the patient community within the chosen country.

Patient Engagement

Clinical Trials >> Patient / Investigator Recruitment >> Patient Recruitment

Optimize study power and achieve maximum enrollment, retention and compliance with our patient-centric design, tailored patient outreach and automated BYOD technology.

Surpass Your Enrollment Targets

Clinical Trials >> Patient / Investigator Recruitment >> Patient Recruitment

SubjectWell continuously engages the 96% of Americans who have never participated in a clinical trial. We are already talking to patients near your site who are looking for studies and have relevant health conditions.

Patient-Centered Sciences

Clinical Trials >> Patient / Investigator Recruitment >> Patient Recruitment

Patient-Centered Sciences combined services establish Mapi as the clear industry leader in supporting patients or their caregivers, and offer proven results for accelerated drug development, improved recruitment, increased patient engagement, excellence in patient-reported data, and minimized

Patient Recruitment & Clinical Site Partnerships

Clinical Trials >> Patient / Investigator Recruitment >> Patient Recruitment

We understand potential obstacles to recruitment and recognize the importance of a well-outlined recruitment and retention plan developed in conjunction with the study protocol.

Patient Recruitment, rather than being a single activity is a host of responsibilities that range from protocol development and study feasibility to site selection and various activities from first-patient-in to last-patient-in. Patient recruitment and enrollment is a variable that can jeopardize drug development timeline. Delays could be caused by: Patients and investigators who are unaware of study opportunities, Difficulty accessing patients in non-traditional regions, competing protocols limiting the number of patients available to participate in studies. For successful completion of clinical studies and clinical trials goal should be to find the right patients, at the right time, to support delivery of effective study results. Informatics tools and media-based recruitment methods to identify and reach appropriate patients and investigators. The system should be able to select broad pools of quality, prescreened patients, a proven, highly efficient enrollment process, and a proper call center. Streamlining recruiting, screening and enrolling processes to Clinical Investigator. Issues with patient recruitment and enrollment are the primary causes for missing clinical trial timelines. The costs associated with patient recruitment delays are not only high, but difficult to anticipate and control. Consistently updated regulations, newly developed media by which to attract patients and investigators, and selecting appropriate service providers for recruitment all play a role in patient recruitment dynamics. There are two primary ways clinical trial managers can find patients to fill their trials: A patient can be pulled into clinical trials by way of their physician who happens to be a principal investigator for a clinical study. This method relies on the patient population of the physician/ site and the efforts of the investigator and their staff in identifying potential patients and enrolling them in the study. These types of recruitment efforts may be aided by in-practice recruiting tools (e.g. table tents, posters) and by paper or EMR chart reviews or be pushed towards clinical trials. Using this method, patients are encouraged to find a particular investigator or site, typically one they may have little or no previous contact with. Pushing patients towards clinical trials may be done through media outlets such as television, social media, billboards, radio advertisements, email targeting, etc. In addition, outside services like patient networks and patient recruitment companies identify patients and attempt to push them towards clinical trials. Primary and secondary research is conducted to uncover some of the fundamental trends in patient recruitment within the clinical trial space. Additionally, through primary research efforts, data is gathered that provide a high-level understanding of the patient recruitment outsourcing market – including both the current state of that market and future projections. Overall, the use of standalone patient recruitment service companies and patient networks is relatively low, but their penetration is expected to increase. One thing that long-time watchers of the pharmaceutical industry will know is that sponsor companies often have a hard time changing. The industry is highly regulated and processes have been built around these regulations. Taking different approaches takes time to implement. Achieving last-patient-in milestones requires extensive planning and hard data, supported by utilizing a big data engine combined with the voice of the patient, the voice of investigator intelligent and real-life scenario planning and real-life study simulations to identify, quantify and visualize the best possible development strategy. Because there are always obstacles and detours on the road to trial fulfillment, a proactive, contingency-based escalation process is to be built with pre-defined trigger points. One should possess comprehensive abilities to forecast, monitor, and manage patient recruitment, along with providing complete range of patient outreach and site-support services such as information, training, and other forms of assistance designed to minimize delays that can add millions of dollars to the cost of clinical trials. Clinical trial recruitment has to be more precise, predictable, and efficient which can be achieved by using real-world data and analytics to develop more precise study plans and select sites based on target patient population density. These new data-driven tools maximize site recruitment and activate alternative recruitment channels resulting in trial recruitment to be more efficient and predictable. Predicting enrollment more accurately, using a next generation of clinical development approach to develop site-level recruitment plans based on target population density. Increase the number of patients per site and improve patient retention rates with protocol-specific strategies for patient engagement and specialized recruitment resources, such as Clinical Trial Educators. Where needed, leverage precise online targeting to locate interested patients with cost-effective outreach strategies. Avoid delays through fully integrated data-driven recruitment tools and proactive site support. Clinical trial management service provider to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries and to Academia/Government constantly requires clinical trial investigators who enjoy remaining close to medical science and to the development of new medicines. Clinical trial investigators play a crucial role in the development of new medicines and with the ever expanding number of clinical trials and non-interventional research studies being conducted. Clinical studies or clinical trial patient recruitment should involve Patient-Centered Sciences, emphasising patient engagement enrolling participants for your study with a large Active Recruiting Database.