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Cold Forming Blister Foil

Packaging >> Materials >> Foil / Film

100 % barrier against water vapor, gases, light etc., excellent formability, high degree of thermal stability, high malleability for deep drawing blister cavities’, high aesthetic appeal, sealable with aluminum lidding foil, colorful surface.

Press Through Packing / Press Through Foil Blister Foil

Packaging >> Materials >> Foil / Film

100 % barrier against water vapor, gases, light etc., high degree of thermal stability, high aesthetic appeal, sealable with PVC/ PVDC film, pre-print or no print

High Barrier Films & Laminates For Medical Device Packaging

Packaging >> Materials >> Foil / Film

Amcor offers an extensive choice of multi-layered, aluminum foil laminations, metallized films and clear barrier laminations for products requiring high moisture, oxygen, light, or chemical barrier, such as diagnostic devices, synthetic or impregnated dressings.

Tropical Blister Foil

Packaging >> Materials >> Foil / Film

The product can prevent moisture, obstructing oxygen, light, and can effectively prevent gas, other media components to damage drugs to maximum and can extend itself life, particularly, can be adapted in the tropical areas.

Die Cut Lids For Medical Applications

Packaging >> Materials >> Foil / Film

Die cut lids are available in coated Tyvek®, coated paper and coated foil laminations, peelable to a wide range of rigid films.

Films & Laminates For Medical Device Flow Wrap Packaging

Packaging >> Materials >> Foil / Film

Amcor offers a wide range of films and laminations for medical devices being packaged using high speed processing on flow wrap machines.

Medical Films For Packaging

Packaging >> Materials >> Foil / Film

Our medical products are backed by experience you can count on. For over 60 years we\'ve been the name behind many of the OEM, hospital, and retail healthcare products used every day. We make a variety of medical films including films to protect devices.

Fluids Overwrapping

Packaging >> Materials >> Foil / Film

Amcor offers a broad range of fluid overwrapping with a choice of features and performance to meet the demanding requirements of critical healthcare products such as infusion solutions, parenteral nutrition solutions, dialysis fluids.

Packaging Films Solutions

Packaging >> Materials >> Foil / Film

Packaging Films Solutions offers a wide range of rigid PVC films, fully complying with the highest and latest requirements of the packaging market. Bilcare guarantees the best film quality by the utilization of selected raw materials.

Mono Films for Thermoforming Industry

Packaging >> Materials >> Foil / Film

Bilcare's films can be thermoformed, welded, sealed, printed or laminated. Properties such as an excellent thermoformability and shock resistance make Bilcare's films suitable for the production of any kind of packaging.

Different films used for pharmaceutical packaging are PVC mono films, A-PET & PET-G films, PVC / PVDC films, PVC / PE / PVDC films, PVC / Aclar® films, AquaBa® films, Cold form foil. These different types of films are used for pharmaceutical blister packs, ampoule packs, syringe packs, medical device packs etc Barrier films provide climate protection for pharmaceutical product. Combination of the wide variety of thicknesses, colours and additional properties offers the best solution to individual requirements.Tailor-made solutions to customer needs are our response to the demands of today’s and tomorrow’s market. Barrier films manufactured by different packaging services and material providers may comply with US, EU and RU regulatory standards. Our quality management system certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 15378 fulfils all GMP requirements and guarantees the consistent high quality of our products. PVC mono films provide high quality with effectiveness and used in pharmaceutical blister packs, ampoule packs, syringe packs, medical device packs and are ETO-sterilisable. PVC / PVDC films protect product against moisture and oxygen. Wide range of PVDC coated PVC films protect product at low costs. Generally a 3 layer film is used for this purpose but a two-layer PVC/PVDC film also exhibits identical moisture and gas barrier properties as compared to the existing three-layer constructions. These films exhibit high water vapour and oxygen barrier, superior dimensional stability, excellent processability, 2-layer films PVC/PVDC, no difference in water vapour and oxygen transmission compared to three layed film structures, cost effective high barrier film. PVC / Aclar® films have advantages like highest water-vapour barrier for clear blisters, exhibits excellent lay-flat properties resulting in cartoning efficiencies, increased packing line speed and efficiency, no need of triple layered structures, efficient high barrier blister solutions. Specialty Films Solutions offers a wide selection of high quality ?lms for sectors such as printing/decoration, shrink ?lms, visual packaging, technical applications and of?ce materials. A wide choice of ?lm components and characteristics encompassing many colours, surface ?nishes and embossings as well as a broad range of gauges, ensures the perfect solution for every requirement. These ?lms are typically used in conjunction with screen, offset, digital, ?exo and gravure printing methods. Cold Forming Blister Foil is tremendous multifaceted arrangement planned for high responsive series of Pharmaceutical and generic medicines which are extremely hygroscopic or light responsive and cannot be rightfully packed with barrier plastic films. The composition is an optimized amalgamation of aluminium foil and polymeric films with the alumina sheet packed in amid an interior heat sealable polymeric film and external kind malleable film. Film meeting complex pharmaceutical specifications are required since the pharmaceutical industry has had a limited choice in blister packaging films. These are either very low-moisture barrier films, or expensive high barrier films. Since, pharmaceutical products have wide moisture protection requirements; this creates a significant gap in the barrier requirement of the drug vs. availability in the conventional films graph. This leads to either over packaging for quality or under packaging for saving costs and rarely achieves optimum packaging. Also, since pharmaceutical packaging needs depend on environmental factors to ensure product stability, efficacy and safety, optimum packaging based on product requirements is the best way to ensure protection. Different types of films used in pharmaceuticals are pharma-grade barrier films, pharma-grade cold-forming foil, pharma-grade aluminium lidding foils, innovative products to create a brand identity with anti-counterfeiting, ultra-high barrier film, eco-friendly halogen-free films, eco-friendly lidding foils, flexible laminates of various structures such as of paper, aluminium and polymer film combinations.