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Physicochemical & Biopharmaceutical Properties Testing

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Physical Characterization

AMRI provides a complete suite of state-of-the-art instrumentation and techniques to characterize physicochemical and biopharmaceutical properties.

Physico-Chemical Characterization

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Physical Characterization, Physical Characterization

With our vast experience we add exponential value to our client’s R&D programs at every stage of the drug development. We serve as a vital link between the pharmaceutical companies and the healthcare industry.

Finished Product Physical Characterization Testing

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Physical Characterization

At Quotient Sciences, we pride ourselves on providing the best analytical support, delivering candidate screening, drug product analysis and phase-appropriate method development and validation.

Polymorph Characterization & Control

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Physical Characterization

Minakem's Solid Form Laboratory capturing a growing need from our clients to manage in-house polymorph characterization and control, crystalization conditions, filtration, drying and particle size reduction to add further value in process developemt and scale-up.

Physiochemical Characterization

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Physical Characterization

To help you achieve the desired quality and performance of your compound, Recro’s veteran scientists customize solutions for your complex products. Our team adheres to global ICH guidelines to ensure the development of safe, effective, high-quality pharmaceutical products.

Characterization of Polymorphs

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Physical Characterization

ScinoPharm's comprehensive analytical services include purity testing, characterization of polymorphs, analytic methods development and validation, as well as stability testing. All analytical instruments and data are managed through the company's Laboratory Information Management System

Physical Characterisation

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Physical Characterization

Dishman's analytical services support both process control and material characterisation for laboratory and production chemistry from initial raw material release to release of the final APIs.

Solid State / Powder Characterization

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Physical Characterization

Solid state/powder characterization (microscopy, XRPD, SEM, DSC, IR, RAMAN, PSD, flowability properties)

Initial Drug Substance Characterization

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Physical Characterization

To help you identify obstacles to the development of your compound, AMRI will collect, analyze and summarize all data necessary for your regulatory documentation needs.

Physiochemical Characteristics of Drug

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Physical Characterization

SUSHEN Medicamentos (SUSHEN), is a global company of end-to-end pharmaceutical services with focus on drug delivery research and product development. SUSHEN’s expertise can bring a complex formulation project in to clinical and bioequivalence with superior quality, innovative solution.

Surface area and porosity are two important physical properties that determine the quality and utility of pharmaceutical materials. Differences in the surface area and porosity of particles within the material, which otherwise may have the same physical dimensions, can greatly influence its performance characteristics. Surface area and porosity play major roles in the purification, processing, blending, tableting and packaging of pharmaceutical products as well as the drug’s useful shelf life, its dissolution rate and bio-availability. In other healthcare applications such as regenerative medicine tissue scaffolds, controlling and optimizing the porosity of the scaffold material will help the tissue regrowth process. In analytical laboratories the use of materials with well-defined pore sizes and high surface areas are used in biochemical and pharmaceutical separation science. Understanding the physical properties of pharmaceutical solid materials is key to successful drug product and process development. These physical properties can have an impact on the material’s bulk properties, product performance, processability, stability and product appearance. The melting point, chemical reactivity, apparent solubility, dissolution rate, optical and mechanical properties, vapour pressure, and density can all be affected. GLP, GCP or cGMP compliant physical characterization services assist with formulation or process development, regulatory submission data, QC testing, GMP lot release and manufacturing troubleshooting. Physical Characterization Testing Capabilities offered by Contraact Analytical service providers include: Calculation of BET surface area: single or multipoint; Determination of pore size and pore size distribution within 1.7 to 500 nm for macro, micro or mesoporous samples; Measurement of surface area as low as 0.001 m2 /g; Predicting reactivity, dissolution and compactness; Measurement of rate and ease of water permeation; Measurement of water vapor sorption - desorption isotherm; Measurement effect of sample environment on crystallinity or amorphous content; Determination changes in flow ability, compaction density and appearance; Determination phase and structural transition between -90 to 400°C; Directly measuring heat capacity; Analysis of complex and overlapping thermal changes - modulated DSC capable; Detection of weak thermal changes; Measurement of the change in sample mass as a function of temperature and/or time Monitoring moisture/Solvent loss [LOD on micro scale] Determination of rate of chemical degradation at various temperatures; Measurement of gas absorption-desorption; Identification of crystalline or semicrystalline structure; Analysis of degree of crystallinity; Detection of impurities; Trace level quantitation of most elements in liquid and solids; Measurement of sizes from 0.01 ?m to 3,500 ?m; Analyzing wet emulsion, suspension and bulk dry dispersion; Determination of diverse sample types: abrasive, fragile, cohesive or agglomerated.