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Pharmaceutical contract packaging service providers offer solutions for primary filling, primary packaging, secondary packaging, kitting services and folding cartons, applying their several years of experience in the contract packaging marketplace. Contract packaging facilities are equipped with fully dedicated and segregated capabilities for primary & secondary packaging of antibiotics like penicillin, cephalosporins, and carbapenemics, as well as oncological and sterile liquid dosage forms and other non sterile liquid formulations like syrup, suspensions with additional service of tamper evident sealing and Data matrix. For Customized Secondary Packaging, pharma companies assist with design and development of package, labeling and carton design or point-of-sale displays to provide market-appropriate usage information, whether distribution is to consumers, hospitals, physicians, short-run clinical trials, or wholesale groups. A flexible secondary packaging operation provides fully-integrated solutions for pharmaceutical packaging equipments and consumer product lines while maintaining strict compliance with cGMP and other FDA regulations. Some important Packaging and labeling services are Cartoning, Custom assembly, Clamshell blistering, Shrink-wrap bundling, Display assembly and packaging, Bagging and overwrapping, Kitting, Reworking, Carding, Hand assembly and inspection. A Contract goods packaging service provider can perform almost any secondary packaging operation, from simple cartoning, without insert, to the assembly of the most complex “Starter Kit”, including insert and patient registration card. We have also developed an expertise in the assembly and packing of trays and display units. Pharmaceutical labeling and Relabelling is considered as a critically important operation requiring stringent controls. Pharma companies can accommodate a great variety of formats (bottles, cartons…) according to the specific needs of our clients. We perform repackaging and re-labelling operations for a number of clients. This can be an interesting option that can generate added value in cases where, for instance, a product labelled as “international” can be re-labelled for the Canadian market. Pharma packaging service providers also offers in-house, identification labels meeting a wide range of needs, including the printing of symbols used in the industry (UPC, Code 128, Data Matrix, etc.). There are various kinds of Contract packaging services that play an important role in pharma industry and commercial packaging service provider can provide packaging services like sterile packaging, tamper resistant packaging, secondary packaging for liquid formulations, secondary packaging for tablets, secondary packaging for capsules, secondary packaging for injectable, secondary packaging for syrups, secondary packaging for bottles, secondary packaging for strips. Pharma Manufacturing companies are also focusing on Serialized secondary packaging services for Labeling, Cartoning (seal end or tuck end cartons), Blister card packaging, Heat seal / wallet cards, Hand packaging, Shrink-wrapping / bundling, Labeling and cartoning of vials or ampules, Kitting of finished products. A Contract packaging facility should be an approved facility by regulatory authorities like FDA approved secondary packaging facility or EU GMP approved secondary packaging facility which can further provide services like blister packs or secondary packaging of blisters, secondary packaging of sachets, secondary packaging of single dose containers, secondary packaging of bottles and secondary packaging of ampoules and vials. In addition to the necessary printing and camera technology to allow efficient and reliable coding and verification of secondary packages including aggregation, the integration of appropriate software and database applications over all ISA95 levels is the key to ensure a successfull and sustainable track & trace strategy. Range of Secondary packaging equipments enable pharma companies to provide wide variety of primary & secondary packaging products like Blister packs, Pouches, stick packs, syrup bottles, nasal drops, tubes etc.

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Cook Pharmica LLC.



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Cook Pharmica’s secondary packaging area can blister pack and/or carton the final product and prepare the prefilled syringe product for clinical or commercial distribution.

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