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Pumps & Dispensers

Packaging >> Materials >> Pump / Spray

As a world-class partner, we act not only at global level, sharing our experience, processes and technologies across all our manufacturing sites but we also focus on our customers’ local needs, providing reactivity, entrepreneurial spirit and proximity.

Atmospheric Container for Pump Application

Packaging >> Materials >> Pump / Spray

Standardized application system to squeeze drops in a multiple use. The 100% control of the dropper guarantees the functionality. Furthermore, the tamper evident screw cap ensures the integrity of the product throughout the shelf life.

Airless Container For Pump & Squeeze Application

Packaging >> Materials >> Pump / Spray

The AirlessMotion products can be combined with numerous dispensing units for: horizontical or vertical outlets, spray, dropper or lotion pumps, snap, crimp or screw neck design, push button or trigger activation.

Advancia®-Metering Pump Nasal Spray

Packaging >> Materials >> Pump / Spray

Advancia® is the high performing metering pump platform that patients can count on. With accurate dosing, patients can be confident that each dose is fully delivered.

Sp270+ Pump for Nasal, Buccal & Otic Liquids

Packaging >> Materials >> Pump / Spray

The New optimized SP270+ pump is the result of continuous improvements to the SP270 pump platform. The SP270 pump platform has been used worldwide for drug delivery for more than 20 years and has a successful track record of large scale GMP production.

Sp3 Pump for Nasal, Buccal & Otic Liquids

Packaging >> Materials >> Pump / Spray

The SP3, oversized pharmacy format, is produced to the same standards as the SP270+ pump, and gives a comparable performance. All actuators for nasal, buccal, auricular and other applications suitable for SP270+ platform are also compatible with SP3.


Packaging >> Materials >> Pump / Spray

Nasal actuators-the right shape and size for your local or systemic nasal sprays. Buccal actuators -different arms lengths for fighting buccal-pharyngeal infection. Auricular actuators-the right combination of actuators for ear treatment.

Aluminium Aerosol Cans

Packaging >> Materials >> Pump / Spray

Alltub is one of the main European producers of aluminium aerosol cans and cartridges. With three production plants in Europe, one plant in Mexico, ALLTUB is the ideal partner for clients seeking a modern packaging solution.

Sof’Bag™ Airless Pouch System

Packaging >> Materials >> Pump / Spray

A simple-to-use but high performing airless pouch system. Nemera’s airless system for transdermal application, also well suited for topical uses, developed for ethical or OTC drugs. The solution to lengthen shelf life.

CCL Container - Aerosol

Packaging >> Materials >> Pump / Spray

There are a number of specialty pharmaceutical applications that have adopted CCL Container’s aerosol package forms and many new classes continue to be developed. This includes anesthetics, anti-bacterial sprays, antibiotic ointments, pulmonary sprays, wound care, nasal sprays and many others.

Contract packaging organizations (CPO) offers pump or spray systems that are used for local and systemic application of solutions, suspensions, high-viscosity and powder-based formulations .The large standard range was developed to meet all pharmaceutical packaging requirements. Metered dose inhalers and metered dose pump and sprays have numerous dose volumes, closure and actuator designs can be combined: Unit / bi-dose, Dual-mixing, Multi-dose systems, Preservative-free system. Mouth- and throat-sprays are designed for the oral application of medicine. All throat sprays feature an integrated spray insert to ensure maximum user safety. Micro-spray and ointment pump systems support the topical and transdermal application of medical drugs. For maximum consumer convenience, microspray systems can be used upright and upside-down. Several dose volumes, closure types and designs are available as standard. For faster local drug action drugs are delivred in a pumps and sprays delivery systems. Packaging of pump and sprays requires different usage instructions. Companies offer contract manufacturing and development for a range of saline and seawater nasal sprays using bag-on-valve technology. They are formulated as isotonic and hypertonic with sterile saline solution, sterile sea salt solution and natural sea water. Saline and seawater nasal sprays restore moisture to nasal passages irritated by colds or allergies, dryness, pollution and overuse of nasal decongestants. They also provide mechanical cleansing of the nasal cavity from excess mucus, dust, pollutants and allergens in a natural and non-harmful way.