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Single-Use Dialyzer

Packaging >> Materials >> Overview

Its signature line of high-performance Elisio®-H dialyzers, Nipro also offers the Cellentia®-H cellulose triacetate (CTA), single-use dialyzer for hemodialysis patients with acute or chronic renal failure when standard therapy is judged to be inadequate.

Pumps & Dispensers

Packaging >> Materials >> Pump / Spray

As a world-class partner, we act not only at global level, sharing our experience, processes and technologies across all our manufacturing sites but we also focus on our customers’ local needs, providing reactivity, entrepreneurial spirit and proximity.

Bormed™ Polyolefins

Packaging >> Materials >> Polymer

PP and PE are the materials of choice for medical devices such as syringes, catheters, needle hubs and protectors, inhalers, filter housings, blood collection systems, IV solutions, SVP, LVP, dialysis bags, microwell plates, microcentrifuge tubes, pipette tips.

Sterile, PP, EVA, PVC & Multi Chamber Bags

Packaging >> Materials >> Bag

A member of the pharmaceuticals industry, Technoflex is an innovative company and European leader that design and production of flexible bags and medical devices. Product line includes Sterile, PP, EVA, PVC and multi chamber bags.

Closure Systems Compatible with Vials & Cartridges

Packaging >> Materials >> Cartridge

Continuing to bring innovative solutions for our customers, our design and development team are committed to provide you with the expertise needed to initiate new product development program.

Cut & Glazed Ampoules

Packaging >> Materials >> Ampoule

ISO 9001:2008 certified having DMF Registration for all our products with the US FDA and Health Canada producing more than 2 million Ampoules and Vials per day. Ampoules ranging from 1ml to 30ml in clear and amber.

Oxyblock™ Multilayer Product Family

Packaging >> Materials >> Bottle

OxyBlock™ multilayer product family offers protection for solid formulations that are sensitive to oxygen permeation. Tests have shown that OxyBlock™ provides 100x better oxygen barrier performance as compared to standard HDPE containers.

Cold Forming Blister Foil

Packaging >> Materials >> Foil / Film

100 % barrier against water vapor, gases, light etc., excellent formability, high degree of thermal stability, high malleability for deep drawing blister cavities’, high aesthetic appeal, sealable with aluminum lidding foil, colorful surface.

Atmospheric Squeeze Dropper Systems

Packaging >> Materials >> Dropper

Standardized application system to squeeze drops in a multiple use. The 100% control of the dropper guarantees the functionality. Furthermore, the tamper evident screw cap ensures the integrity of the product throughout the shelf life.

Plajex™ – Pre-Fillable Syringes With Staked Needle

Packaging >> Materials >> Pre-Filled Syringe

The PLAJEX™ device is designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of drug types including those requiring low reactive containers.

Blister packaging is todays most popular and growing packaging option worldwide, driven by its unique ability to provide Increased medicine protection, improved patient compliance and precise dose accuracy. Contract blister packaging of drug products replaced bottles during this rebuilding phase. Today, the majority of prescription drug products are blister packaged for retail in Europe, while the majority of retail prescription drugs in the U.S. are supplied in bulk bottles. Clinical trial drug supplies (solid oral doses) have historically been packaged in bottles rather than in blisters. First, of blister packaging costs more per unit dose than bottle packaging, primarily due to the small packaging runs needed to produce product for several hundred patients. Second, the time in which to complete the entire process was longer in duration with blister packaging due to the acquisition of blister tooling and the associated film and foil supplies. The majority of blister tooling for commercial equipment can average from six to sixteen weeks to complete and qualify. This additional project time was a significant disadvantage due to the short lead times associated with supplying clinical trial materials for patient evaluation. Third, most companies have a large investment in bottle filling equipment and few have blister packaging equipment for clinical trial supplies. Pharma packaging companies provides smart source for complete pharmaceutical packagings, which are widely used for clinical trials, drugs promotion, as well as commercial packaging. As secondary packaging for pharmaceutical drugs, tablets and pills that are pre-packed in a primary blister/aluminium foil combination, your product can be easily pushed through, out of the blister strip for use, but with clearly visible and complete assurance that no tampering has occurred. A wide variety of blister film materials and blister foil materials are available to choose from for pharmaceutical clinical packaging. Forming film choices include but are not limited to PVC, polypropylene, several coating grades of PVC/PVDC, and PVC/Aclar. A wide range of foils can be used to provide push through and/or peel/push product dispensing. More recently, cold form aluminum blister formats are being used to provide maximum product protection. This package format uses a formable foil to create the blister cavity and a foil lidding to seal the package. The blister packaging machine or blistering equipment can deal with a variety of product sizes in either cold form or thermoform blister configurations. The machine can produce an all-aluminum blister package for products where moisture and light permeability must be kept to a minimum. Where a clear package is desired, the machine can quickly be changed over to produce a thermoform blister package using a high moisture barrier PVC/ACLAR