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Closure Systems Compatible with Vials & Cartridges

Packaging >> Materials >> Cartridge

Continuing to bring innovative solutions for our customers, our design and development team are committed to provide you with the expertise needed to initiate new product development program.

Cartridge Systems & Components

Packaging >> Materials >> Cartridge

Delivery devices such as multi-use pens or pen injectors demand cartridge technology that’s predictable and safe, with tight dimensional tolerances, and that may be suitable for high-viscosity drugs and various storage conditions.

Monodose With Spray Or Drip Pattern Or Injection (Modularfamily)

Packaging >> Materials >> Cartridge

The evolution of a monodose results in the patented new development of the ModularUnitDose with a spray, drip or line pattern. The prefilled cartridge is mounted via bayonette into the reusable activation device.

Aluminium Cartridge Cans

Packaging >> Materials >> Cartridge

Alltub is one of the main European producers of aluminium aerosol cans and cartridges. With three production plants in Europe, one plant in Mexico, ALLTUB is the ideal partner for clients seeking a modern packaging solution.


Packaging >> Materials >> Cartridge

Unique and smart solution to close the gap between manually applied prefilled syringes and complex auto-injectors.

Glass Cartridges

Packaging >> Materials >> Cartridge

We produce high-quality cartridges with fill volumes ranging from 1.5 to 3.0 ml (sizes up to 10.0 ml on request) for various pharmaceutical applications. Our product range covers clear and amber cartridges made of borosilicate glass of hydrolytic class I.

Dental Cartridges

Packaging >> Materials >> Cartridge

ISO 9001:2008 certified having DMF Registration for all our products with the US FDA and Health Canada producing more than 2 million Ampoules and Vials per day. Khemka Glass produces tubular vials ranging from 1ml to 50ml in clear and amber