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Retail Packaging Serialization Process

Packaging >> Contract Services >> Serialization Compliance

Orofino pharma Group established the K24 Pharmaceuticals’ plant in Marcianise, Caserta,which is located 20 km north of Naples. The site is situated near an important Italian highway and was set up following the latest technological and design concepts.

New Capabilities

Packaging >> Contract Services >> Serialization Compliance

Pharma Packaging Solutions now also offers Serialization and Aggregation Lines and Low Relative Humidity Primary Packaging Suite.

Labeller / Track & Trace Lines

Packaging >> Contract Services >> Serialization Compliance

CIT is one of the most established and respected independent Contract Packagers in Europe. The strategic position of the plant and the proven innovative knowledge in packaging and logistic processes make CIT an ideal hub to Europe.

offline Serialization For Higher Efficiency

Packaging >> Contract Services >> Serialization Compliance

Offline solutions, where secondary packaging is serialized directly by the folding-box manufacturer, combined with sophisticated data flow architectures, are a reliable, flexible and immediately available alternative to inline serialization.

Millmount's Serialisation Line

Packaging >> Contract Services >> Serialization Compliance

Our serialisation technology highlights the strategic and operational investment we take to grow our capabilities, demonstrating our commitment to the changing market and supply chain needs.

T&T (Track & Trace) Solutions

Packaging >> Contract Services >> Serialization Compliance

Blistering, labeling, T&T (Track and Trace) solutions and packaging services in accordance with cGMP regulations.

Contract Packaging Solutions - Serialisation

Packaging >> Contract Services >> Serialization Compliance

Sharp has expertise in serialisation, which is the application of a specific, individual serial number to a unit of sale. It means that each product has a unique combination of lot number, serial number and expiration date, which makes it easily traceable.

Product Serialization Solutions

Packaging >> Contract Services >> Serialization Compliance

Avara provides Serialization solutions to international requirements.

Sequential Bar Coding, Data Matrix & Serialisation

Packaging >> Contract Services >> Serialization Compliance

We have the ability to comply with market and legislative requirements such as; Bollini (Italy), Sequential Bar Coding (Belgium), Data Matrix, unit dose blister, perforation and the upcoming requirements on serialisation.


Packaging >> Contract Services >> Serialization Compliance

Delpharm has a standard solution answering market requirements like GS1 standard, No upfront investment requested to our customers and All inclusive fix fee for serialized products.

Pharmaceutical serialization compliance will have an impact across an entire organization, including across sites and geographies. Consequently, it is important that standardized processes are put in place that can maximise effectiveness, helping with the swift rollout of new systems and technologies at different sites and ensuring a model for best practice. As part of this, ensuring that staff have an understanding of their role in achieving pharmaceutical serialization compliance will be key and investing in on-going training will help to overcome potential technical, logistical and regulatory issues that could prove to be detrimental to business performance. As serialization and track-and-trace capabilities go mainstream to meet regulatory compliance mandates, pharmaceutical companies should explore how these capabilities can improve supply chain planning and operations, elevate patient and doctor engagement, and increase sales and marketing effectiveness. High-value products, complex supply chains and dependence on multiple organizations for distribution all expose the pharmaceutical industry to threats such as counterfeiting, theft and illegal diversions. According to the Pharmaceutical Security Institute, 2,177 incidents of counterfeiting occurred worldwide in 2014 alone. To counter these threats and ensure supply chain integrity, global regulatory initiatives mandating serialization of products as well as tracking and tracing products throughout the supply chain are currently underway. Within the next five years, approximately 65 percent of the global market is expected to require serialization in the supply chain. While regulatory compliance remains a top priority, the availability of information about serialized products throughout the supply chain provides a unique opportunity to take a data- and analytics-driven approach to supply chain improvements through greater visibility and collaboration.