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Sterile, PP, EVA, PVC & Multi Chamber Bags

Packaging >> Materials >> Bag

A member of the pharmaceuticals industry, Technoflex is an innovative company and European leader that design and production of flexible bags and medical devices. Product line includes Sterile, PP, EVA, PVC and multi chamber bags.

Polyethylene (PE) Bags

Packaging >> Materials >> Bag

EMA Pharmaceuticals offers Packaging services with Polyethylene (PE) Bags- Single, folded, packed under laminarflow

Autoclavable Tyvek® Bags

Packaging >> Materials >> Bag

EMA Pharmaceuticals offers Packaging services with Autoclavable TYVEK® Bags- For steam sterilization up to 125°C

Double PE Bags

Packaging >> Materials >> Bag

EMA Pharmaceuticals offers Packaging services with Double PE Bags - Each one double heat-sealed; For caps Ready-to-be-used

PE Bag in Polypropylene Box

Packaging >> Materials >> Bag

EMA Pharmaceuticals offers Packaging services with PE Bag in Polypropylene Box - Hygienic, durable, reusable

RTP (Rapid Transfer Port)

Packaging >> Materials >> Bag

EMA Pharmaceuticals offers Packaging services with RTP (Rapid Transfer Port) - For direct introduction to Isolators

For bulk drug and active pharmaceutical ingredient packaging bags and drum liners are manufactured in a cGMP-compliant environment. A robust, secure supply chain is ensured by production of all bag films and foil laminations, as well as bag and pouch manufacturing. LDPE and foil laminate bags and drum liners are custom-produced in a wide range of sizes and constructions to meet individual needs. Packaging suppliers to the healthcare industry, has a bag solution for medical device, pharmaceutical, or diagnostic product. Product ranging from linear tear bag or a multi-layer nylon header bag are made by the suppliers. Healthcare Packaging facilities have been certified to ISO 13485:2003 and operate in compliance under FDA cGMP standards. ISO 13485 specifies requirements for quality management systems in which organizations demonstrate the ability to provide medical devices and related services that consistently meet both customer and regulatory requirements. Header Bags, Multi-layer LLDPE/PA bag film are types of bags produced. Steribags which reduce the need for a heat seal coating. The result is a high quality header strip that provides an excellent peel system with high breathability. Vented Bags consist of a PE bag ports. The 4 or 8 ports are approx. 60 mm in vent size, and are oriented to allow gas to vent into the extremities of the bag to provide improved aeration/degassing for sterilization cycles. Linear Tear Bags can incorporate different tear notch positions for streamlined functionality in opening of packaging. Our Linear Tear bags have first time clean and easy opening with no partial or off-center tearing or tearing into the product. Steri-Ultra Clean Bags consist of cleanroom extruded HDPE material sealed to unc. All sterile packaging production is undertaken in certified cleanroom environments where web cleaners and vision inspection equipment have been added to all processes to ensure that all raw material loose particle contamination is eliminated during manufacturing. Wicket Bags allow customers to automate their packaging process. The bags are stacked and held together on plastic wickets that act as a dispensing solution. Then, the bags are removed from the wicket using a pre-perforated slot and subsequently filled and sealed. Gusset Bags have sides that expand allowing you to package bulkier large items. We offer a wide range of these bags, including base gusset and side gusset. We also provide cap and nozzle spout features in the base gusset and standard bags. Ziplock Bags re-closable bags in a variety of sizes and material offerings provide clarity and durability for almost any application: Conventional 2D Ziplock bags or 3D Base Gusset Bags (Doy style) with or without Ziplocks. Fin seal pouches with side gussets to allow you to package large or bulky products. Stomacher Filter Bags are designed to keep liquid, semi-solid or solid samples withheld in the bag during the blending process. These bags are cleanroom manufactured and made from polyethylene films and can include a full filter or side filter membrane feature as per customer requirements. Sophisticated approach to the development, specifications and manufacture of films and liners for the healthcare products. In this way, high quality films and liners consistently meet standards.