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Point-of-Care Tests

Packaging >> Materials >> Diagnostic Kit

20 years of experience in the production of point-of-care tests make us the ideal partner. Drug detection, pregnancy tests, detection of emergency parameters or allergy tests etc.

Glass Packaging For Life Science Research

Packaging >> Materials >> Diagnostic Kit

Our tubular vials product range includes clear and amber vials in glass types I, II and III from 0.6 to 100 ml. We produce different designs, with or without blowback, according to industry standards or to individual specifications.

Different diagnostic test kits used in day to day life are rapid diagnostic kit for vitamin D, safety lancets for capillary blood sampling, PCT kit, PCT ELISA Kit, Human PCT ELISA Kits, veterinary diagnostic kit, bovine disease test kit, swine test kits, feline cat disease test kits, typhoid testing kit, dengue test kit, malaria rapid diagnostic kits, hepatitis test kits, salmonella test kits, pregnancy HCG Kits, brucella IGM kits, cholera test kits, rabies test kits, drug testing and screening, pregnancy and fertility testing, alcohol tests and breathalyzers, general diagnostic health testing and personal hygiene. FDA approved diagnostic products include: pregnancy tests, ovulation prediction (including fertility prediction saliva based microscopes), male fertility test kits and saliva based female hormone testing, drug testing and screening including anabolic steroid testing and the newer, less invasive saliva drug and saliva nicotine testing systems, alcohol testing, urinalysis, cancer screening, including breast self-examination and PSA cancer screening kits, HIV, diabetes, and cholesterol tests plus the new allergy test kit, portable travel bidet for personal hygiene, DNA paternity testing, and blood typing testing kits. For some complicated tests laboratory test analysers are used such as semi automated clinical chemistry analyser etc. Purpose kits are designed for a specific medical need and contain everything needed to perform a particular medical procedure. They are often customised to respond to individual customer requirements. For eg. Delivery kits, Disposable Cesarean Kit, diarrhoea treatment kits, medroxyprogesterone kits or male circumcision kits. Purpose kits ensure availability of all products at the same time, they support standardisation of procedures and reduce waiting times by increasing the number of procedures that can be completed per day. In addition, they simplify procurement and provide increased efficiency in supply management and distribution. Toxicology kits include kits for laboratories that perform drugs of abuse testing. Retail box packaging for medical products typically used in the home such as rapid assay kits, including drug and alcohol, pregnancy and paternity, cholesterol, and diabetes testing. Pakaging services provider have solutions for packaging of in vitro diagnostics, biologics & laboratory products. Additional solutions which may be provided with packaging by the service providers are design and production of diagnostic kits, packaging and specialty medical kit packaging, ordering and kit assembly, document printing and supply distribution. Often packaging may be required to possess high barrier properties and provide protection from moisture, oxygen, microbial, UV/Light. Diagnostic packaging for point-of-care tests, nucleic acid assays, protein assays, microbial assays, immunoassays, pipettes & tips, labware, multi-well assay plates, test kits, microbiology supplies are the categories which may require high barrier packaging.