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Proteomic Profiling

Analytical >> BioAnalytical Services >> Proteomics

Our catalog of well-characterized ELISAs, cell-based assays, and other biochemical screening assays are continuously used both in-house and by researchers worldwide to monitor biomarkers, assess cellular health, and measure enzyme activity/inhibition.

Discovery & Targeted Proteomics

Analytical >> BioAnalytical Services >> Proteomics

Identify and quantify thousands of proteins in different physiological samples Identify comparative proteomic dynamic within the samples.

Sub-Cellular Location-Specific-Target Capture Technology

Analytical >> BioAnalytical Services >> Proteomics

SCLS is Shantani's proprietary and most comprehensive method for target identification, validation and for determination of the mechanism of action.

Discovery Proteomics

Analytical >> BioAnalytical Services >> Proteomics

Discovery proteomics enables profiling of up to 9’000 proteins per sample across treatments or conditions and identifies significantly regulated proteins.

Identify Proteins and Discover Differences Between Samples

Analytical >> BioAnalytical Services >> Proteomics

The abundance of proteins in a sample of interest can vary by orders of magnitude, and often the most interesting proteins are present at very low levels. Discovery proteomics places high demands on separation, sensitivity, and informatics.

Analytical Proteomic Pipeline

Analytical >> BioAnalytical Services >> Proteomics

Proteome Sciences has developed an analytical proteomic pipeline to provide broad biological context of targets and drug mechanisms based on unbiased analysis of protein expression and phosphorylation (SysQuant®), statistical data modeling (FeaST) and a novel functional analysis tool (FAT).

Protein & Fluid Proteomics to Identify Tissue Proteins

Analytical >> BioAnalytical Services >> Proteomics

Precision Medicine requires close integration between targeted drugs and biomarkers providing early and actionable clinical information. Ideally, such biomarkers are mechanistically related to disease and treatment mechanisms, predictive of outcome and measurable in accessible samples, typically

Peptide Mapping

Analytical >> BioAnalytical Services >> Proteomics

Xcelris announces the launch of Proteomics services on advanced Bruker Autoflex MALDI-TOF platform. We offer advanced technical services which would help researchers for structural characterization of biomolecules such as proteins and peptides.

Targeted Proteomics

Analytical >> BioAnalytical Services >> Proteomics

Targeted proteomics allows high-throughput absolute quantification of up to 150 proteins in hundreds or thousands of samples. It is ideal for researchers asking “What happens to my proteins of interest?”

Proteomics Data Analysis

Analytical >> BioAnalytical Services >> Proteomics

Agilent provides a comprehensive portfolio of software tools to support both discovery and targeted proteomics workflows. Our integrated solutions enable you to perform protein database searches and quality assessments, apply previous results to new experiments, create MRM methods, and build

Analytical testing is a critical part in every step of drug development and manufacturing. The qualitative and quantitative results generated from validated analytical testing provide first-hand information to control and ensure the quality and safety of raw materials, intermediates, and finished products. Like many other CMC (chemical, manufacturing and control) activities, analytical testing is also frequently outsourced. Many factors are attributed to this rapid market growth, including continuous outsourcing from pharmaceutical companies, growing pipelines for biological candidates, and increasing demand for more analytical details on drugs and process development by regulatory agencies. In response to the changing market dynamics, service providers are striving to provide analytical testing with quality, accuracy, and robustness all within tight timelines. As the contract research organizations (CROs) have become more integrated, small analytical labs need to establish their niche to succeed. Global contract analytical Laboratories provide QC laboratory analysis, method development, validation and expert advice for both finished products and raw materials for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies. Quality Compliance testing is done a wide variety of raw material and finished product forms including High Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Raw Materials and Excipients, Powders - Capsules/Semi-solids, Oils - Oral Solutions and Syrups, Liquids, Vitamins, Minerals, and Nutritional, Natural Health Products (NHPs) – Powders, Herbals – Suspensions, Finished Pharmaceutical Products (Tablets, Capsules/Semi-solids, Oral Solutions and Syrups, Gels, Creams and Ointments, Powders, Suspensions, Transdermals etc. CRO’s help to conduct intact protein analysis including protein identification and protein characterization faster and more completely with automated chip-based nanoelectrospray. Services include Identification of faint gel spots with high-quality electrospray ionization MS/MS, Convert low-abundance MS/MS data into high-quality identifications with infusion for improved signal-to-noise, Achieve 75 fmol detection limits of protein loaded on a gel and Zero sample-to-sample carryover. Bioanalytical Services for Preclinical and Clinical Studies covers Method Development, Method Validation, Lead Optimization Studies, Pharmacokinetic (PK) Analysis, Bioavailability Studies, Bioequivalence Studies, Dose Formulation Analysis, Clinical Kit Preparation, Sample Handling and Management, GCP Bioanalytical Services. Bioanalytical Technologies including Liquid Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry, Inductively Coupled Plasma – Mass Spectrometry, Capillary Electrophoresis and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Bioanalysis of PEGylated and other Polymer-Linked Drug Assays. Large Molecule Bioanalytical Services include Immunochemistry Services, Quantitative Immunoassays, Immunogenicity Assays, Biomarkers Assays, Cell-Based Neutralization Assays, Ligand-Binding Assays. Proteomics Services covers Protein ID – Mass spec ESI-MS/MS based, MS analysis of intact proteins and peptides, Labelled and Label-free Protein Mass-Spectrometry, Differential Proteomics and Peptide mass fingerprinting.