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As the complexity of clinical studies increases, pharmaceutical companies need to include patients from a wider range of countries in their clinical trials. This can put a logistical and financial strain on any study, but with Sharp’s clinical labelling expertise you can efficiently, cost-effectively package your clinical trial products to suit patients from any region. Clinical labeling and packaging companies design and print multi-language clinical labels for clients all over the world. They utilise Interactive Response Technologies (IRT) to enable you to quickly create patient kits for any patient, in any country, without having to commit your clinical trial stock to a specific market based on uncertain forecasts. It’s a smart, streamlined way of managing your inventory and budget, while communicating effectively with your trial participants, wherever they are in the world. Combining extensive clinical label design experience with flexible primary and secondary packaging suites, companies provides packaging solutions for the most demanding Phase I through Phase IV studies. Secondary packaging facilities feature cutting edge technologies that provide solutions for assembly and release of patient kits for global studies. Utilizing expertise in package design and development, they work with clients to ensure pack design meets the needs of all stakeholders enabling optimal patient compliance to the regimen. On-Demand is the packaging and labeling of clinical trial materials (CTM) for a specific subject or block of subjects, upon request. This is a significant departure from traditional packaging and labeling. On-Demand clinical supplies are made specifically for, and immediately prior to, each shipment – instead of preparing the entirety before the first shipment. Like traditional packaging and labeling, On-Demand Packaging and Labeling is cGMP compliant and requires the use of approved pre- and post-production batch records.

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PCI offers package design solutions for early stage development through successful launch execution, supporting both oral and parenteral delivery forms.

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