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Label Serialization Station LSS

Packaging >> Serialization Equipment >> Labelling & Printing - Automatic

Being the starting point in a Track & Trace packaging line, the LSS provides integrated serialization and ERP integration to comply with regulatory requirements.

Label Serialization Station Compact

Packaging >> Serialization Equipment >> Labelling & Printing - Automatic

The Label Serialization Station Compact (LSS-C) prints and inspects labels with serialized data in one integrated system.


Packaging >> Serialization Equipment >> Labelling & Printing - Automatic

The BottleTracker™ ensures the printing and inspection of a unique temporary identifier on Bottle bottom for fast product and tracking code association with the ability to reject and re-insert Bottles.

Print During Packaging

Packaging >> Serialization Equipment >> Labelling & Printing - Automatic

As the pharmaceutical industry is increasingly susceptible to counterfeit medicines and fraud within the supply chain, Servier CDMO has been proactive innimplementing solutions to combat these problems. We can print during packaging, and send data to brand owners or repository systems.

Pharmaceutical Serialization Options include Individual bottles, Individual cartons, Aggregate bottles or cartons to bundles, Aggregate individual units or bundles to cases, Aggregate cases to pallets, Rework of previously serialized products. The latest addition to the serialisation industry is the newly developed Label Serialization Station (LSS), which prints and verifies labels automatically. Companies in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry can use the LSS to print track-and-trace labels for their products at a rate of up to 500 per minute. The Label Serialization Station can be fully integrated into the production line and is also available as a compact table-top solution. Pharmaceutical companies understand the importance of continually optimizing the efficiency of their production lines in order to maintain a competitive position in the industry. Features include the Label Serialization Station prints and checks up to 500 labels per minute. The system combines a printing module with a high-resolution camera and an automatic reject system for faulty labels, the printing module contains a thermal transfer printer which applies high-contrast ink to every label with outstanding precision. The durable, abrasion-resistant print image is ideal for serialization data, once the labels are printed, a high-resolution camera inspects each label for quality factors such as legibility and completeness. This allows manufacturers to identify and remove any labels deviating from their quality standards. The camera can also perform inspections on text, graphics, and codes. The system reads the information they contain in real time and compares it with the manufacturer's database. Printed serial numbers are verified in this way and stored in the system to ensure traceability in the future. An electronic reject system is connected downstream to remove faulty labels before they come into contact with the product. This means the rest of the production and packaging process can continue as planned without any interruptions or rejections. The robust housing, which has a steel-tube frame, protects all components from dust and contamination and has two large doors to provide easy access for cleaning and maintenance work. The LSS is also available as a space-saving table-top solution. This version is ideal for manufacturers with small numbers of batches, or for use in laboratory and medical environments where manual packaging processes are required. Equipped with configurable components that can be integrated into any exisiting equipement, the automatic packaing station ensures accurate serialization identification to meet product authentication and traceability requirements in the pharmaceutical industry. The Station is a completely automated packing station that ensures the identification and verification of any packed products with their parent container. It is equipped with configurable components, such as cameras, sensors, ejection devices and dedicated HMI that can easily be integrated into any existing packing station, such as CasePackers. The solution offers a variety of configurations to optimize the packing process, with or without aggregation, to maintain the packing station’s efficiency and ensure accurate serialization and aggregation operations.