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Determination of Hygroscopicty

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Moisture Sorption

Determination of physic-chemical properties as follows: Solubility with respect to temperature and pH, dissociation constant and partition coefficient, polymorphic evaluation and hygroscopicty.


Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Moisture Sorption

Our dedicated team of scientists have their core training in the area of preformulation and have expertise in the complete pharmaceutical profiling of molecules.

Moisture Test (Drying & Decompression)

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Moisture Sorption

Shijiazhuang Rainbowlabs pharmaceutical Technology Co. Ltd (Rainbowlabs) is a FDA-inspected laboratory set up to provide high quality laboratory testing and services to pharmaceutical companies throughout the world.

Moisture Balance Analyzer

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Moisture Sorption

KriSan Biotech has dedicated analytical team that provides full analytical services for process development, GLP studies and CGMP manufacturing.

Moisture Uptake Studies - Hygroscopicity

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Moisture Sorption

GRAM Laboratories offers services for conduct of preformulation studies. These studies are performed to gather in-depth knowledge about the physical and chemical characteristics of the active ingredient and eventually aid in the development and optimization.

The stability of active compounds in an excipient, and the process of storing the compounds without degradation, are the major concerns related to the development of new pharmaceutical products. Moisture sorption resulting in polymorphism or the formation of amorphous structures may affect dissolution kinetics and contravene licensing conditions. These effects can prevent certification of new medicines.Moisture content is an important feedstock quality in converting it into energy through biochemical or thermochemical platforms. Knowledge of moisture sorption relationship is useful in drying and storage to preserve the quality of feedstocks. Moisture sorption isotherms for potential feedstocks such as corn stover and big bluestem are missing. EMC values of corn stover and big bluestem were determined using static gravimetric technique with saturated salt solutions (ERH 0.12–0.89) at different temperatures (20, 30, and 40°C). Depending upon the ERH values, EMC values were ranged from 8.0 to 19.6 and 8.8 to 19.2% db for corn stover and big bluestem, respectively, and they followed typical type II isotherm found in food materials. Nonlinear regression was used to fit five commonly used three-parameter isotherm models (i.e., modified Oswin model, modified Halsey model, modified Chung-Pfost model, modified Henderson model, and the modified Guggenheim-Anderson-de Boer (GAB) model) to the experimental data. Modified Halsey emerged as the best model with high -statistic and values with low and and fairly random scattered residual plot for corn stover and big bluestem. These models can be used to predict the equilibrium moisture content of these feedstocks starting from harvesting, drying, preprocessing, transportation, storage, and conversion.