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Resolution of Chiral Compounds

Analytical >> Analytical Method Development >> Preparative Resolution Processes

Clearsynth team has extensive experience in developing, optimizing and validating methods. Our reliable analytical methods and techniques ensure that the quality of the products that we have produced is of the highest standards.

Using Chiral Stationary Phases in HPLC and SFC modes separation of racemic small molecules are performed. Once an appropriate method is identified, An analytical service provider will perform enantio-separation of a racemate. They deliver purified enantiomers, meeting specifications of > 98% enantiomeric excess and > 85% yield, within ten days. A design of small-scale separation services are to provide a rapid access to pure enantiomers in quantities ranging from a few milligrams to tens of grams. Companies small scale service helps to accelerate the selection of compounds appropriate for further scale-up. The project scale ranges from a few milligrams up to gram quantities. They rapidly screen the compound free of charge to identify the best separation method and conduct enantiomer resolution on a preparative scale using SFC or HPLC mode. They ensure that the purified products meet your specifications for enantiomeric purity and timely deliver. For medium-scale separations, Chiral Technologies screens all available Chiral Stationary Phases with all possible mobile phase compositions to establish the best protocol for separating your racemic mixture. The method development strategy involves use of both HPLC and SFC modes. Once the separation is optimized, they carry out a loading study to determine the production rate and a stability study to ensure complete recovery of the purified enantiomers. For large-scale projects, after they determine the best separation method possible to separate your material, they employ batch HPLC or SMB systems. Chiral Technologies also offers a SMB method development service. Companies screen a sample for potential large-scale production across all available CSPs to define the optimum conditions for SMB separations. From this data, specialists run a computer simulation to obtain an initial cost estimate to determine if the SMB process is economical. Following the simulation, scientists confirm the cost estimate with a bench-top SMB unit. For companies involved in the commercialization of single-enantiomer drugs, Chiral Technologies, together with Daicel, can assist in complete outsourcing of drug manufacturing processes. Facility at the Daicel plant in Arai, Japan, is equipped to perform upstream or downstream chemical synthesis in addition to conducting metric-ton scale separations.