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Trade Shows & Events

Sales, Marketing, Registration >> Trade Show / Exhibitions >> United states

More experienced than anyone in the industry, our team provides end-to-end planning and execution. We ensure you exhibit at the right shows; we create show-stopping effects; train your team; and generate qualified leads to maximize ROI.

Specialized in Design of Customized Exhibition Stands

Sales, Marketing, Registration >> Trade Show / Exhibitions >> France

Live & co is an agency specialized in the design of customized exhibition stands and communication consulting dedicated to professional events. Creative designs designed with respect for your identity, optimized for the reception and the experience of your audiences.

Make Your Presence Shine Through with the Best Trade show Consultants Very few businesses or brand franchises invest in trade shows and media events, but the truth is that trade shows get brands the highest amount of visibility. Media events like trade shows, exhibitions and global conferences are a great way to introduce end-users to a brand, irrespective of the age of the brand. It is worth noting that a large number of pharma and drug companies are trying to make it to the list of attendees of the trade shows at NYC, or spending big on healthcare trade shows at Florida. Although organizing a conference booth looks like a long day’s work and a big outbound marketing task, the exponential returns that a brand or company can get are great motivation to pull all energies together into it. While planning the nitty-gritty of a trade show stall, it is important to look at every detail of the booth, since it speaks a lot about the company’s values and quality consciousness. Here are the best ways to utilize the expertise of established pharma marketing agencies that specialize in building conference booths or trade show stalls for your brand. 1.Trade shows cater to niche industries Whenever a trade show announcement is made, it has a theme attached to it and invites applications from a specific industry or sector. For pharma companies, there could be drug & pharma related conferences, where pharmaceutical ingredient producers find common ground or there could be packaging companies coming together in a packaging-related event. It is not always possible for business to arrange the trade show stall on your own, which is when media/trade show planning experts come to the rescue. They have the experience and broader insights into the best ways to target customers at such events and execute a strategized plan to meet the marketing objectives for the company. Once the company’s brand and marketing objectives are communicated to an external public relations and media planning agency, they channelize all their efforts into getting the highest success rates for the company. This is not just limited to any company, it is true for pharma and life sciences companies as well. Pharma companies require careful understanding and technical expertise that only few public relations & media planning agencies can tackle efficiently. Therefore, a thorough check on the recent trade show planners gives the best results. So it is best to leverage the presence of as many companies in the conference as well as have a competitive edge in the trade show stall that a particular company is showcasing. Even after classifying trade shows by industry, the number of attending companies is sometimes more than 500. Thus, the easiest way to establish your brand as a niche technology player is by attending trade shows and occupying a trade show booth. 2.Trade shows provide qualified leads Since the people coming to the event may have come through paid invitations or invite-only channels, it means that the attendees are qualified people and much more refined than general public. Pharmaceutical companies and life science product manufacturing companies have the unending challenges to meet with regard to developing prototypes of their product, designing the technology description posters, exhibiting their research findings and attracting the right customers that will understand the product’s attributes. While making a trade show stall, it is important to look at every detail of the booth, since it speaks a lot about the company’s values and quality consciousness. It also showcases how the company gives importance to meeting customers, partners or positions itself and other important aspects of the company/brand. The basic reason why setting trade show booths are worth the effort is because the people coming to see your product may actually be interested in buying the product or collaborating with your technology in some way that makes it a win-win situation. It may also be a chance when investors try to understand the real brand value that a company has. Hence if a media planning specialist is handling the preparation of the trade show booths, they will offer much more dedication to the entire project than an in-house marketing executive might be able to due to the lack of time and the amount of effort that goes into planning and executing the design of a trade show booth. 3.Trade shows offer the chance to network As was described above, media events like trade shows are occasions where like-minded people are present all at the same time. Hence, companies with niche products or technologies look forward to meeting professionals from the same or allied fields. Sometimes, companies also arrange meetings with scientists, publishers or media persons to talk at length about their product pipeline. Essentially the biggest reason why companies should attend conferences/exhibitions is because the conference or trade show gives a great opportunity to a life science or healthcare brand to network with key people from the same field. Also, some people look for partnering companies or highly targeted business leads that can help during expansion or bridging two companies. In some cases, trade shows initiate conversations on the emerging technologies and provide access to companies that have a wider presence in some region. It is also a time when professionals discuss better solutions to the common problems faced in respective companies. It is a good occasion to understand where the competing brands in the same industry stand, how their brand’s voice resonates with the audience and understand the gaps. It also helps to get unbiased feedback on the brand recognition of the company you are representing. Therefore, in all probability, trade show booths require extensive planning and the best representation that really makes or breaks the brand value of a company. Digital marketing agencies specialize in organizing outdoor events like trade show booths, where they provide concentrated effort to brand positioning, qualified lead generation and increasing the competitive advantage of a brand in all possible ways. They should be preferred not only for their established credentials but also because organizing a trade show booth at a particular location may not always be possible for the in-house staff. There could be connectivity issues, transportation issues, excessive relocation costs or other practical problems. Choosing a trade show organizer on a case by case basis may also help those who haven’t been through the entire process before. While planning to attend the trade show, prior appointments have to be made. It is also important to have a meeting organizer that keeps a note of all new contacts and records the planned meetings as well as organizes more meetings with key people during the conference or exhibition. Some people believe that trade shows are exclusively about selling products, but they are definitely mistaken or haven’t realized the larger potential of attending a trade show. The frequency of trade shows being organized has increased exponentially and thus, now there are trade shows in every city in the United States. There are trade shows at Atlanta catering to healthcare IT professionals, allied healthcare fields, wellness program organizers and holistic health practitioners. There are trade fairs in Arizona catering to medical device companies. Even widely renowned publishers are organizing national convention events and conferences for bringing new conversations on oncology and genetic diseases to the table. Another area where trade shows of US are concentrating on is paediatrics medicine and infectious diseases. Various trade shows in Houston and Louisiana are catering to scientific research instruments and surgical tools. The advantages of attending a trade show get compounded 10-fold when a company invests on attending a trade show in a different country. This step enhances its ability to penetrate new markets or build awareness about its company, products and what the company stands for. No wonder all small and big companies in pharma and healthcare sector are taking notice of the multi-fold advantages and making their mark in the trade shows of 2018. Big pharma companies are also announcing publicly about all the conferences and trade shows they are attending, which means the frequency of companies attending trade shows in 2018 is much more than what was witnessed during the trade shows of 2017.