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Smart Sensors for Inhalers

Packaging >> Materials >> Inhaler

Smart sensors collect unique inhalation data and connect to smartphones via Bluetooth. This innovative solution offers new possibilities for the correct use of inhalers and offers digital tools to ease disease and medication management.

U-Save Nasal Spray

Packaging >> Materials >> Inhaler

The vials are equipped with a screw neck, crimps neck or and snap-on to fit to the dispensing system (pump, valves…).


Packaging >> Materials >> Inhaler

Established 40 years ago, SOPAC Medical has increased, these last years, the development of new, useful, easy and economical packagings. SOPAC Medical counts 300 regular customers, various items, recent injection moulding machines and makes assembling in clean room.


Packaging >> Materials >> Inhaler

Gerresheimer Medical Systems has been developing and producing powder inhalers, capsule inhalers and nebulizers for the treatment of respiratory illnesses like asthma, COPD and cystic fibrosis for more than 20 years.

Orally inhaled and nasal drug product (OINDP) development can be challenging. The delivery of drugs by inhaled routes of administration is growing in popularity for local and systemic therapies due to ease of use by the patient, effective drug delivery, and formulation stability. Laboratory testing of orally inhaled and nasal drug products (OINDP) is necessary to determine product safety, efficacy and performance. Pharma Packaging services providers of OINDP support their customers through the inhalation drug product development process. Today, the companies providing Pharmaceutical inhalers have been working extensively in product development of inhaled products including all types of dry powder formulations and devices, nebulised solutions/suspensions and metered dose inhalation (pMDI) product types, as well as a range of other novel respiratory delivery systems. Various classes of Inhalation Products may be: Pressurized Metered Dose Inhalers (pMDI); Nasal Sprays (aqueous, powder, and propellant driven); Dry Powder Inhalers (DPI); Nebulizer Solutions and Suspensions; Aerosol Based Healthcare Products, etc. Earlier MDIs were produced with CFC, that means chlorofluorocarbon, propellant system. But increasing environmental concerns have called for CFC phase-out as CFC depletes the ozone layer that shields the planet from ultraviolet radiation. Moreover CFC is the source of different health hazards like skin cancer, caratact etc. In compliance with the Montreal & Kyoto protocol, the production and consumption of CFC based inhalers are undergoing strict regulatory shifting to HFA or Hydrofluoroalkane propellant system.