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[{"orgOrder":0,"company":"Laboratorium Ofichem B.V","sponsor":"Entheon Biomedical","pharmaFlowCategory":"DU","amount":"Not Applicable","upfrontCash":"Not Applicable","newsHeadline":"Entheon Biomedical Provides Update on Clinical and Preclinical DMT Programs","therapeuticArea":"Psychiatry\/Psychology","highestDevelopmentStatus":"Phase I\/ Phase II","country":"NETHERLANDS","productType":"Small molecule","productStatus":"New Molecular Entity","date":"November 2021","url1":"","url2":"","graph1":"Psychiatry\/Psychology","graph2":"Phase I\/ Phase II"}]

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            Formulation and stability testing of DMT drug product by CHDR's partner pharmacy has commenced in accordance with projected start date of EBRX-101(N, N-dimethyltryptamine), a study that will evaluate controlled intravenous infusion of population of healthy smokers.

            Lead Product(s): Dimethyltryptamine

            Therapeutic Area: Psychiatry/Psychology Product Name: EBRX-101

            Highest Development Status: Phase I/ Phase II Product Type: Small molecule

            Recipient: Entheon Biomedical

            Deal Size: Not Applicable Upfront Cash: Not Applicable

            Deal Type: Not Applicable November 24, 2021

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