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Also known as: 2 pyrrolidone 5 carboxylic acid, 5 l oxoproline, Glutimic acid excipient, L pyrrolidone carboxylic acid, Pidolic acid excipient
Pidolic acid is a naturally occurring but little-studied amino acid derivative that can be formed enzymatically or non-enzymatically and participates as a biological intermediate with unique pharmacodynamics in various chemical pathways. Elevations of the acid in blood levels may be associated with problems of glutamine or glutathione metabolism. Pidolic acid, in general, is found in large quantities in brain tissue and other tissues in bound form, like skin. There are currently little to no medicines available that are clinically approved or marketed for employing pidolic acid as an active ingredient for any particular formal indication. Although pidolic acid is included in some over-the-counter, non-prescription dietary supplements for the proposed purpose of facilitating cognitive or memory enhancement, most available research suggest exercising caution in their recommendation as much more research is necessary.
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