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28 May 2019


Various formulations (dossier + supply) needed in South Africa [ENA04287]

SAAP Pharma, a company that provides high quality APIs to the pharmaceutical industry, with technical and regulatory support is looking for suppliers of various formulations mentioned below. The manufacturing facility must be MCC / EU / MHRA approved and EUCTD dossier required for all the formulations. Interested suppliers can contact them via Email: or Tel: 9760139898.
1. Dolutegravir Tablet / Capsule - 1,00,000 Box
2. Tenofovir Disoproxil Tablet / Capsule - 1,000,000 Box
3. Efavirenz Tablet / Capsule - 750,000 Box
4. Emtricitabine Tablet / Capsule - 700,000 Box
5. Abacavir Tablet / Capsule - 100,000 Box
6. Rilpivirine Tablet / Capsule - 200,000 Box.

Comments :

Dear friend,
Glad to write to you!
It's my pleasure to recommend our veterinary medicine APIs to you.
This is Chris Geng from Hebei Veyong Animal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd in China, with GMP.
Our company is a manufacturer and exporter of VETERINARY MEDICINE for more than 15 years, including API and Formulations.
I could send you our product list for reference if you have needs. You will get the best price and service.
Appreciating for your kindly feedback.
Thanks and best regards!
Chris Geng
Email: &
Tel: +86 0311 86065103
QQ: 202414843
Wechat /Skype: +86 189 3187 0272

07:05,  29 May 2019

Dear Friend,

Greetings from Hostrin Life sciences!!!

We have been supporting for the following services.

1.We do support DMF's for API's, Tech transfer support and Registration of Dossiers in MOH /MHRA/EMEA/USA support in CTD, ACTD, eCTD and ANDA's formats with 5 modules including BA and BE studies /Clinical studies/trials for API's & Formulation's in Pharmaceutical, Ayurveda, Biotech, Biosimilar, vitamins , Peptides and recently Transdermal patches too.

2. Impurity's & Reference standards support for API's

3. Services for IPR & Regulatory compliance

4. Services for QMS & supporting of QBD - SIGMA TECH Software version 3.1 for DOE, Robustness for the R&D in Pharma, Biotech, Biosimilars companies who are willing to enter into the Regulatory market which is mandatory to show for FDA.

5. Custom synthesis & Contract manufacturing services

6. Synthetic Resins technologies support

Pls don't hesitate to send your enquiry's. For your reference please go through our website

Best Regards,
Andrew P
CEO & Managing Director
Hostrin Life sciences
WhatsApp: +91 9949930343

14:15,  04 Jun 2019

we provide more than 1000 products DMF or Dossier available of EU/US/JP of formulation and API

14:54,  05 Jul 2019
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