29 Feb 2020


USP Grade Lumefantrine & USP Grade Loratidine APIs needed in India [ENA06702]
I Pharma Solutions, a trading company based in India is looking for suppliers of USP Grade Lumefantrine (30 MT/ annum) & USP Grade Loratidine (100 kg) APIs for their client based in India. Interested suppliers can contact them via their email: madhusudhan.v@ipharmasolutions.in.

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one of the leading supplier, exporter and importer of Pharmaceutical formulation, Novel molecule, APIs, Vet.-APIs, industrial Chemicals, Excipients, Ingredients, Drug Intermediates, Pharmaceutical pellets, probiotics, enzyme, Solvents, Phytochemicals, Extracts, Food & Feed Additives, Vitamins, Nutraceuticals and Dietary supplements etc.
We are exporting several of our products to Latin American countries, Gulf & Asian countries and also a few products to Australia, UK & USA.
We are also contract manufacturer of APIs and attached is the list of products and by cooperation with other manufacturers in India . Also most of the products are from WHO cGMP , ISO , GMP manufacturers

12:07,  29 Feb 2020


For Purchase Click On www.phamaguideindia.com API Directory

14:40,  29 Feb 2020


HUNAN HUARI PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD. is the Chinese manufacturer for the following APIs and excipients, please feel free to contact us if you have any requirements.

1) Citric acid Monohydrate GMP
2) Citric acid Anhydrous GMP
3) Sodium citrate GMP
4) Potassium Citrate GMP
5) Sodium benzoate
6) Stearic acid
7) Sodium cyclamate
8) Potassium Sorbate
9) Polysorbate 80

email address: alicechan@huarizy.com
phone number: +86 18820220687

14:33,  11 Jun 2021
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