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19 Nov 2020


Tender// Various Finished Formulations needed in Norway [ENA09083]
Norsk Helsenett SF is looking for bidders of antibiotics patches and similar/products with compatible dispensers as an option, gradient strips with compatible dispensers as an option, antibiotics solutions (option) and antibiotics powder (for making solutions). The deadline is 30-Nov-2020.
1. Ampicillin (10 µg) Patches
2. Azithromycin (15 µg) Patches
3. Cefotaxime (5 µg) Patches
4. Cefotaxime (30 µg) + Clavulanic Acid (10 µg) Patches
5. Ceftazidime (10 µg) Patches
6. Chloramphenicol (30 µg) Patches
7. Amikacin Antibiotic Powder for Solution
8. Moxifloxacin Antibiotic Powder for Solution
9. Levofloxacin Antibiotic Powder for Solution
10. Linezolid Antibiotic Powder for Solution
11. Ciprofloxacin (0.002-32) Gradient Strips
12. Norfloxacin (0.016- 256) Gradient Strips
13. Tetracycline (30 µg) Antibiotic Patches
14. Gentamicin (10 µg) Antibiotic Patches
15. Cefaclor (30µg) Antibiotic Patches

Comments :

Raw Material & Finished Material

13:27,  19 Nov 2020

I am Justin from Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group in China

APIs and FDF can be manufactured by our company.

If you need them, please contact me by Tel., WhatsApp and Wechat: +86 15261051195

09:19,  24 Nov 2020
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