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05 Feb 2019


Teicoplanin 400mg & 200mg injections needed in Pakistan [ENA03347]
A leading trading company dealing in the business of implants is looking for suppliers of Teicoplanin 400mg & 200mg injections for their domestic market.

Comments :

Please confirm quantities.

15:59,  05 Feb 2019

Good day to you , we can supply both products with highest quality and best prices, please contact us for further assistance.
+90 535 665 2564
Dr. Monther

16:11,  05 Feb 2019

Dear Sir,

We found your enquiry , please let us know if we ca n supply Teicoplannin 400 mg inj.
Also please let us know if you need any documents.

Awaiting your reply.

18:09,  05 Feb 2019

We can support you for Teicoplanin injections. Kindly let us know details of your requirements

16:11,  06 Feb 2019

Can offer from WHO-GMP facility

09:40,  11 Mar 2019

Dear Sir,

Greetings from Health Pharma...!!!

Your inquiry is well noted. We can support you with the same. We request you to send detailed email to proceed further.

Looking forward for your positive response.

20:03,  11 Jul 2019
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