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23 Feb 2021


Nalbuphine Hydrochloride API needed in Brazil [ENA09791]
A pharmaceutical manufacturing company that specializes in injectables is looking for suppliers of Nalbuphine Hydrochloride API for development purposes. The suppliers must support this enquiry with DMF and CoA.

Comments :

Indexim international, are one of the leading supplier, exporter and importer of Pharmaceutical formulation, Novel molecule, APIs, Vet.-APIs, reference standard,, Excipients, Intermediates, Solvents, Vitamins, Nutraceuticals and Dietary supplements. Regulatory documents service etc.
We are exporting several of our products to Latin American countries, Gulf & Asian countries and also a few products to Australia, UK & USA.
We are also contract manufacturer of APIs and attached is the list of products and by cooperation with other manufacturers in India . Also most of the products are from WHO cGMP , ISO , GMP manufacturers.

Indexim International
IEC -CODE : 0811024407

11:56,  23 Feb 2021

Hi! We are the Chinese manufacturer for the following products, please check if you are interested in them.
Please feel free to contact us if there is any question, my email address:, my MP: +86-13958538646
1) Topiroxostat
2) Safinamide Mesylate
3) Iohexol
4) Iopamidol
5) Iodixanol
6) D-Panthenol
7) Pharm-grade Vitamin B1(aka: Thiamine HCl) CEP&GMP available
8) Intermediates...

Manufacturer: Jiangxi Brother Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.

14:40,  23 Feb 2021

we would like to participate in the quotation and Please send your email to We will reply to the quotation within 7 hours,
Thanks for your support.

20:58,  23 Feb 2021

We are focussed on developing new manufacturing technologies, including custom synthesis of new moleculepharma intermediate, catalyst, bulk drugs, pharma API, pharma chemicals, active pharmaceutical ingredients, pharmaceutical pellets,additives, contract manufacturing, chemicals. We began in the field of specialty intermediates for pharmaceutical applications and developed our own purification technologies for manufacturing highly pure intermediates. And Pharmaceutical API At a later stage, we integrated forward to manufacture finished formulations for both veterinary and human consumption. Due to our completely integrated operations in the pharmaceutical sector, we continuously learn about the quality parameters for an API based on the performance of the finished formulation in order to quality their Bioequivalence Studies.
We have established finished formulation lines in South Asian and Latin American countries. It is our vision to achieve worldwide recognition as an excellent business partner from India by providing our customers with superior quality products at highly affordable prices and following that up with reliable service consistently, thereby giving them an unparalleled experience.
Our focus lies in developing new production technologies with a keen interest in frugal innovation in order to gain a competitive edge over others. We specialize in the custom synthesis of molecules and work with many reputed companies around the world on an OEM basis.pharmaceutical pellets,Intermidiates
Our finished formulations from WHO-GMP and EU-GMP units are registered/being registered in 26 countries within Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America and Africa continents including Peru, Panama, Ecuador, Chile, Curaçao, Suriname, Haiti, Aruba, Trinidad, Tobago, Philippines, Myanmar, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Brunei, Nepal, China, Russia, Croatia, Venezuela and Bhutan.

22:16,  23 Feb 2021

I am Justin from Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group in China

APIs and FDF can be manufactured by our company.

We can also CMO

If you need them, please contact me by Tel., WhatsApp and Wechat: +86 15261051195

05:37,  24 Feb 2021

HUNAN HUARI PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD. is the Chinese manufacturer for the following APIs and excipients, please feel free to contact us if you have any requirements.

1) Citric acid Monohydrate GMP
2) Citric acid Anhydrous GMP
3) Sodium citrate GMP
4) Potassium Citrate GMP
5) Sodium benzoate
6) Stearic acid
7) Sodium cyclamate
8) Potassium Sorbate
9) Polysorbate 80

email address:
phone number: +86 18820220687

06:43,  24 Feb 2021

We are a Pharmaceutical Company from UAE and we can supply you.

Contact us:

14:14,  24 Feb 2021
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