20 May 2023


Looking for a GMP-certified CDMO for Micronization & Filling [ENA17136]
A company that focuses on research, development and manufacturing of injectables for diabetes & oncology is looking for a GMP-certified CDMO for Micronization & Filling of Vials. The company will provide 1 kg - 2 kg of lyophilized peptide powder. The powder will be micronized to D90 - 30um in a sterile condition. The required packaging is in 12 mg - 70 mg vials. The project is in Preclinical stage.

Comments :


We have exclusive Oncology fdf manufacturing facility with EUGMP, WHOGMP, UKMHRA, Korean GMP, and other accreditations.

14:53,  20 May 2023


INDEXIM INTERNATIONAL, one of the leading manufacturer, suppliers, exporter and importer of API, Pharmaceutical formulation, Novel molecule, APIs, Vet.-APIs, reference standard, Impurities, Excipients, Intermediates, Solvents, Vitamins, Nutraceuticals and Dietary supplements, silica gel, Regulatory documents service etc.
We are exporting several of our products to Latin American countries, Gulf & Asian, Ukraine, Russia, and also a few products to Australia, UK & USA.
We are also contract manufacturer of APIs and attached is the list of products and by cooperation with other manufacturers in India. Also, most of the products are from WHO cGMP, ISO, GMP manufacturers.
IEC -CODE : 0811024407
FDA No- 20B-168327/21B-168328

09:30,  21 May 2023
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