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Rx Pharma Pack is fully committed to upholding the highest quality standards for your cGMP packaging requirements serialization and bar codes.


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Packaging >> Serialization Software >> Code Generation

A cutting-edge serialization software that enables you to uniquely identify each and every one of your products at all levels of packaging (multi-level - case, bundle, carton, pallet - aggregation) across all your lines.

Reliable serialisation and labeling systems for the manufacturers of pharmaceutical products can put an end to the very serious global trade in illegal drugs once and for all. With 2011/62/EU Directive, the European Union has brought the initiative to combat the life threatening counterfeiting of medicinal products irrevocably closer to victory. The prerequisite for safeguarding against falsified medicines is the assignment of a unique serial number linked to the individual production data (product identification GTIN/NTIN/PPN, expiry date, and batch number) in the form of a Data Matrix Code. The distinctive "branding" by the pharmaceutical industry in conjunction with sealed labels on the packaging ensures the authenticity and integrity of a drug unit and protection from tampering. Traceability is an essential key to safe drugs and the basis for absolute confidence on the part of the consumer in the pharmaceutical industry and its products. Some of the serialization software are an intuitively operated system, which combines the greatest possible flexibility with easy handling. The special advantage: product handling, coding, and video inspection via camera are all controlled from one interface. This simple operation is unique! GS1, an international organization that develops and maintains standards for supply and demand chains across multiple sectors, has created many standards to support serialization – down to what a 2-D barcode looks like. GS1’s EPCIS does provide details on managing and sharing data between parties who have EPCIS certified systems. However, there is no global agreement on a central or distributed database or data ownership model. Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS) is a GS1 standard that enables supplychain partners to store and share physical event data, including the what, when, where and why about physical observations (events), independent of the technology used to capture that information. This allows companies to associate and share additional information, or events, relating to an object’s identity. For example, companies can associate information, such as the time and date that a bar code was scanned or an RFID tag was read, the location of that scan/read, and whether the object was being shipped or received. Primary Packaging Printing solutions include two subsets: Digital Blister Lid Foil Printing-Full digital and therefore flexible, cost-efficient printing of blister lid foil to be directly fed to the blister packaging machine. The ideal solution for small and medium sized batches. Printing, Coding and Serialization of Pharmaceutical Labels- Economical solution to reliably print code and serialize labels for vials, ampoules, HFPE bottles or pre-filled syringes in order to supply them just-in-time to the packaging process.


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