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The implementation of serialization is today one of the biggest challenges in the pharmaceutical industry. The list of requirements is long and can range from coding of single items to the central management of multiple packaging lines or sites. In addition to the necessary printing and camera technology to allow efficient and reliable coding and verification of secondary packages including aggregation, the integration of appropriate software and database applications over all ISA95 levels is the key to ensure a successful and sustainable track & trace strategy. Manual serialization equipment is a highly configurable, end-of-line case packing and aggregation solution. The secure workflow allows for an operator to manually form, label, pack, inspect and/or seal a case. 'Pack first, then inspect' operation designed for high integrity aggregation Ready to integrate with serialization data management software and vision providers Compact, mobile design Standard Features of the equipment includes Pack table with adjustable case positioning guide, Printer shelf, Overhead layer inspection camera mount, Enclosure for touch screen interface etc. And the options offered include Case label desktop printer, Auto case labeller, Case taper and Additional level of aggregation (unit-to-bundle). Products are preconfigured to enable existing pharmaceutical packaging lines to meet compliance, fast. They are the perfect solution to meet tight regulation deadlines ? plus, they are easy to operate and require only minimal training. The Manual Print Station efficiently prints and verifies your cartons to ensure accurate serialization identification and allows you to perform manual labelling and aggregation on up to three subsequent packaging levels. This ultra-compact, fully autonomous unit is designed to speed up the implementation process, helping you meet tight serialization deadlines. The Manual Print Station greatly facilitates connectivity to various IT systems or other third-party equipment. In addition, the unit can handle a wide range of carton sizes. Adjustable guides help position the cartons and ensure proper alignment of the desired print area. Once the carton is in place, the operator simply uses a push/pull movement to print and inspect the serialized or non-serialized information. The manual process also allows for safe handling of fragile products. You can choose to have the system generate serial numbers for you or you can upload them yourself, if you prefer. The system also allows you to generate numerous reports: EPCIS, reconciliation, batch trail, and audit trail. It is also designed to be scalable, which will allow you to build on these units in the future, as your serialization operations expand. Our Fast Series incorporates all this know-how to provide you with all the necessary features to scale up your serialized production and therefore maintain and generate additional revenues when you’re ready. Benefits Easy to Install and Operate, Minimal Training Required, Simple User Interface, 21 CFR Part 11 and European Annex 11 Compliance, Portable Unit, Simultaneous Printing and Inspection, Fast and Precise Handling of Various Cartons Sizes, Complete Reporting and Reconciliation Tool, Tool-less Adjustments. For many years CPO for packaging, companies offered different vision systems for pharmaceutical packaging line control. These include a range of equipment for carton serialization and aggregation and palletization. They provide products for manual, semi-automatic, and automatic pharmaceutical packaging lines. Flexible solutions link production data with plant systems and databases that assist virtually any type of packaging line: Suitable for integration either online or as an independent manual feeding module Capable of controlling the printing of variable data (datamatrix, GTIN, serial number, batch number, expiration date, etc.) Performs optical character recognition and datamatrix quality check per ISO 15415 using artificial vision.