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"Axyntis Group confirms, its goal of becoming a strategic player in reshoring APIs in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic"
AXYNTIS Group founded in 2007 by David Simonnet, who controls the capital, the Axyntis group, a medium-sized company with two divisions (dyes and fine chemicals), is, with nearly 450 employees and €90 million in turnover (budget 2021), anindependent leader in fine chemicals in France. Since its creation, Axyntis has pursued a strategy of innovation and internationalization. As a result, it is capable of implementing R&D projects and producing active molecules for high value-added applications for global markets.  The  group  has  an  ambitiousCSR policy (top  10%  of  companies  certifiedby  EcoVadis)  and  respects  the  most demanding quality, health, safety and environment (QHSE) ) criteria. The Axyntis group preserves and develops unique human, technical and technological resources in five industrial areas (Calais, Grasse, Montluçon, Pithiviers and Saint Marcel), which help defend French industrial sovereigntyin strategic sectors, such as health care. Axyntis has been committed for ten years to reconquering industrial and health sovereignty.As early as2011, during a speech to the French National Academy of Pharmacy, the CEO of Axyntis already identified the risks for public health of excessive offshoring of the production of active ingredients to China. He confirmed this analysis in 2014in an article in the geopolitical journal “Conflits”: “This is a geopolitical issue: do we want to go all the way to unwinding our production capacities, giving up ourindependence in manufacturing and, therefore, in our access to medicines, particularly in the event of a health crisis?”  Winner of the “Industrial Investments in the Territories” call for projects and of the “Capacity” call for expressions of interest, the AxyntisGroup confirms, with an investment of €8M, its goal of becoming a strategic player in reshoring active pharmaceutical ingredients in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. These two projects represent an €8M investment in Research and Development and innovative equipment over two years, which will mainly benefit Axyntis’ Pithiviers (Orgapharm) site. They also involve the direct recruitment of 37 qualified employees and will have a knock-on effect on the Pithiviers industrial area in terms of indirect employment. Eventually, the production activity associated with these two new projects should represent additional annual revenues of €16 million. > The “Industrial Investments in the Territories” call for projects After submitting an application for the call for projects by the fund for accelerating industrial investments in the territories, Axyntis was selected in October 2020 as one of the first 14 winners in the Centre-Val de Loire Region. This project is based on the development of an existing unit within the Pithiviers platform (Orgapharm) in order to be able to synthesize and purify Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (HPAPIs), mainly for anticancer drugs. This unit will also benefit from the group’s innovative expertise in chromatography solutions (Kyrapharm). > The “Capacity” call for expressions of interest On February 4, 2021, the French Prime Minister decided to allocate €3.6 million from the “Investing in the Future” program to Axyntis’ projectto reshore active pharmaceutical ingredients. With this project, the group seeks to minimize the risks of disruption of part of the supply chain of active ingredients used in the manufacture of drugs for the treatment of patients with Covid-19. Specifically, the aim is to reshore eight key active ingredients used in intensive care or as anesthetics, which are under great pressure due to the healthcare crisis, to hospitals. Press contact: Anna Tellai –anna.tellai@axyntis.com –33 (0)1 44 06 77 05 –33 (0)665 62 10 13 

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14 Jun 2021
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