A mid-sized pharmaceutical company that provides a wealth of expertise while connecting companies, people and knowledge is looking for CMOs to produce 4-Aminobenzoic acid from Benzocaine via saponification while preserving API quality.


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Dears, We could offer this grade and look forward to receiving your requested qtty. and place of delivery.
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18:52,  13 Nov 2018


Dear sir,
We are the Intermediated Fine chemicals API suppliers we will happy if you could give us the mentioned product manufacturing

15:58,  18 Nov 2018


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We looking forward for this pportunity

17:16,  25 Nov 2018


We offer long term Contract Manufacturing services right from strategic partnerships in development, validations, DMF filing and commercial manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)/advanced intermediates to APIs. We have flexible business models to support various client needs:
A. Process optimization, technology transfer, validations and DMF filing followed by manufacturing upon commercialization
B. Technology absorption, validations, DMF filing support and Commercial manufacturing
C. Technology absorption and commercial manufacturing
We have a diverse scientific team with expertise to meet API and advanced intermediate needs centered on the rapid synthesis of supplies. Our project management and technical teams ensure a seamless technology transfer of processes, as projects advance from feasibility to DMF filing through complete process optimization, process validations and stability program. We can optimize and develop robust and cost efficient processes for large scale manufacturing using environment friendly routes under GMP conditions with globally acceptable regulatory guidelines.
We have also commissioned new high potent R&D lab and manufacturing facility at our Hyderabad facility to manufacture highly potent materials (high-potency advance Intermediates & APIs );
• HP API facility is part of approved GMP location (USFDA,UGMP, kFDA and PMDA approved) it is having facilities to manufacture 0.1 kg to 5 kg scale production. We have dedicated R&D labs for developing HP molecules.
• Use our standalone Analytical facility (GLP facility) for API`s and Formulations Analytical support
• Analytics: Dedicated QC having all analytical instruments like HPLC, GC etc.

We wanted to check if you would prefer to get such services.
Our manufacturing facility has approvals from worldwide regulatory authorities like below and these accreditations facilitate faster and easier approvals of DMFs/dossiers for our business partners.

17:00,  27 Nov 2018


Dear Sir,We want to promote the progress of this project,Please send the details to my email, and I will calculate and reply as soon as possible.
Thank you.

Mr. Key T

08:51,  25 Mar 2019