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16 Jan 2019


Looking for CMO to manufacture Oral Solid dosage formulations for controlled substances [ENA03161]
A pharmaceutical company which develops high-quality pharmaceutical products is looking for USFDA approved manufacturers for Oral Solid dosage formulations for controlled substances. The final product is for regulated markets. The volume forecast is about 20 to 30 million units.

Comments :

Yes, We do have the facility to manufacture the products of controlled substances (C-II to C-V). Pl contact us to discuss further.

Thank you,
Gouri Shankar

19:05,  16 Jan 2019

Hello. I am interested to learn about the oral dosage form you are planning. We may be able to support manufacturing in the US for this controlled substance.

01:16,  18 Jan 2019

please contact us

19:33,  18 Feb 2019
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