04 May 2023


Looking for a USFDA-certified CMO to Manufacture Topicals [ENA17039]
A technology-based product company that focuses on the development and commercialization of branded specialty products is looking for a USFDA-certified CMO to manufacture foam-based formulation. The required packaging is in aluminum cans with propellant. The project launch timing is Q1 2025. The geographical preference for CMO is the United States.

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Dear Sir,

Medistics Global Pvt Ltd, 2016 a Star Export House supply APIs, Excipients, Essential Oils,
Chemicals, Food Additives, PET, Glass bottles PVC Film, Ptd. Aluminium foils and Print
and Packaging Cartons, Labels Stickers etc.,

We propose a similar service to your organization wherein you will have a reliable

Business Devpt Mgr
#36 ,1 Fl, 11th Cr, Rajajinagar, 560010
Bengaluru, Karnataka INDIA
P :+91 8147319369
E: sunil.kb@medisticsglobal.com

15:40,  06 Jun 2023


Halo undertakes a wide range of pharmaceutical development activities including manufacturing of clinical trial materials, conducting manufacturing scale up and registration batch manufacturing.

Halo also offers technology transfer and validation in preparation for commercial manufacturing.

The facility develops, produces and finishes multiple dosage forms including compressed tablets, micro tablets, aqueous film, liquids, ointments for both biologics and small molecules and suppositories.

01:13,  25 Apr 2024
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