26 Apr 2021


Fluconazole (50 mg/ 5 ml) Oral Suspension needed in India [ENA10294]
A company that deals in medicines and agriculture products and aims to exceed customer’s expectations is looking for suppliers of Fluconazole (50 mg/ 5 ml) Oral Suspension in 35 ml bottle for commercial purposes. The required quantity is 1,000 units. The suppliers must support this enquiry with GMP. The final market is South Africa.

Comments :


Hope this letter finds you all in good health.
Under this Covid19 disaster, we are receiving horrible news from many partners in India. How's the situation in your side, dear friend?
Many friends told us the infected cases in their side cannot be treated in time, people even cannot get enough oxygen to protect themselves from being infected. We feel very very anxious about this.
Nowadays we almost stop our regular business and begin helping those friends purchase oxygen concentrator from Chinese local market and then courier to them, and now we are hoping to help more and more people.
Time is life, we hope what we do now can save more people’s lives and reduce people’s Panic and pain.
If you are also short of oxygen concentrator or any other protective materials, please also let us know.

18:08,  28 Apr 2021


Dear Sir., we can supply you the same and request you to kindly give us your contact details so we can further send you the offer for the same at the earliest.
Kind Regards., RAM

17:44,  01 May 2021


Dear Sir,

We can proves the same and await your call to fiethwr discuss on the same alternately requeat you to kindly.gice us your contact nos to further check accordingly.

00:21,  08 May 2021


Dear Sir/Madam,
We can surely supply the same. Please contact us on WhatsApp + 91 9909986882.

Thanks & Regards

20:10,  16 May 2021
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