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09 Feb 2019


Dutasteride API (1 kg) needed in India [ENA03391]
A vertically integrated pharmaceutical company based in India is looking for suppliers/manufacturers of Dutasteride API (1 kg) for domestic consumption.

Comments :

Dear Sir / Madam,
We are glad to introduce ourselves as a Global Marketing Conglomerate dealing in Chemicals , Pharmaceuticals Raw Materials , Pharmaceutical Excipients, Neutraceuticals , Food Additives Etc.
We have also Manufacturing Facility of Pharmaceutical Tablets,Capsules and Ointments ,Liquids.
We are having global footprint and worldwide marketing network with strong presence in India, China,UAE,Africa , European Union and USA.
Please contact on the following emails for quotation.

Contact us : 91 9033120190
Visit us:

12:59,  09 Feb 2019

We can provide Dutasteride.

Please write us on

10:17,  11 Feb 2019

We can supply Dutasteride IP/EP material

13:19,  15 Feb 2019
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