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21 Jan 2019


Dosing tubes of 40 ml capacity needed in Poland [ENA03191]
A leading producer of pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements and medicinal products is looking for suppliers of Dosing tubes of 40 ml capacity. Suppliers must provide below information regarding the product:
- Information about MOQ and delivery conditions
- Technical drawing
- Certificate of Analysis
- Statement regarding phthalates
- Declaration of compliance with PH.Eur
- Declaration for food contact
- Heavy metal statement
- Specification

Comments :


I should be able to get your requirement delivered. Pls drop in a email

17:34,  02 Feb 2019

Dear Sir,We want to promote the progress of these products,Please send the details to my email, and I will calculate and reply as soon as possible.
Thank you.

Mr. Key T

08:43,  25 Mar 2019

Dear Sir,

We request you to send your detailed requirements on We have Eu-GMP certified plant.

Waiting for your positive response.

Thank you.

01:04,  09 Apr 2019

Dear Sir,

Greetings from Health Pharma.

With reference to your query on above. It is to inform you that we can support you for your requirements.

We request you to send detailed email to proceed head.

Awaiting your response on above.

Thank you.

12:35,  09 Jul 2019
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