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12 Jun 2019


Atorvastatin and various other formulations needed in UAE [ENA04382]
A leading global pharmaceutical company is looking for suppliers for the below products in GULF countries:
1. Atorvastatin
2. Rosuvastatin
3. Esomeprazole
4. Liraglutide
5. Metformin
6. Dapagliflozin
7. Fingolimod
8. Valsartan
9. Pregabalin
10. Levetiracetam
11. Enoxaparin Sodium
12. Amlodipine
13. Omeprazole
14. Glimepiride
15. Somatropin
16. Sitagliptin
17. Simvastatin
18. Gabapentin
19. Topiramate
20. Amlodipine + Perindopril
21. Rosuvastatin + Omega 3
22. Acetylsalicylic Acid + Clopidogrel
23. Sumatriptan
24. Cabergoline

Comments :

Dear Friend,

Greetings from Hostrin Life sciences!!!

We have been supporting for the following services.

1.We do support DM for API's, Tech transfer support and Registration of Dossiers in MOH /MHRA/EMEA/USA support in CTD, ACTD, eCTD and ANDA's formats with 5 modules including BA and BE studies /Clinical studies/trials for API's & Formulation's in Pharmaceutical, Ayurveda, Biotech, Biosimilar, vitamins , Peptides and recently Transdermal patches too.

2. Impurity's & Reference standards support for API's

3. Services for IPR & Regulatory compliance

4. Services for QMS & supporting of QBD - SIGMA TECH Software version 3.1 for DOE, Robustness for the R&D in Pharma, Biotech, Biosimilars companies who are willing to enter into the Regulatory market which is mandatory to show for FDA.

5. Custom synthesis & Contract manufacturing services

6. Synthetic Resins technologies support

Pls don't hesitate to send your enquiry. For your reference please go through our website

Best Regards,
Andrew P
CEO & Managing Director
Hostrin Life sciences
WhatsApp: +91 9949930343

17:28,  12 Jun 2019

Shenzhen JYMed Technology Co.,Ltd.
Atorvastatin supplier.

1.FDA approved & cGMP manufacturing facilities, one of top 3 prptide manufacturer in China.
2.Large production capacity with an annual production over 1,000kgs
3.Wide range of quality peptide products for different applications/Full service including CRO/CMO support.

08:42,  13 Jun 2019

We have Atorvastatin, Liraglutide and so on.

JYMed dedicated to peptide products in middle east and africa.
Regarding DMF, CEP, and other certifates entering your market, we've espertise experience.
JYMed Technology Co.Ltd
1.FDA approved & cGMP manufacturing facilities, one of top 3 prptide manufacturer in China.
2.Large production capacity with an annual production over 1,000kgs
3.Wide range of quality peptide products for different applications/Full service including CRO/CMO support.

WhatsApp:+86 13906985537
Skype/Linkedin:Claier Shi

09:03,  13 Jun 2019

Dear Mr./Mrs.
This is Elmas Pharma bases in Turkey, please contact us for further discussion.

14:05,  13 Jun 2019


Can you pls connect to take this forward?

23:33,  13 Jun 2019

Greetings from Bascham Life Sciences

We are pleased to inform you that we can support this requirement. Kindly share your contact details on our email to proceed further

Bascham Team, India

01:18,  14 Jun 2019

Greetings from VistaPharm,

I am pleased to inform you that we manufacture consistent reliable supply of Levetiracetam Oral Solution.

Kindly share your contact details by emailing me at to discuss further.

Thank you,

19:36,  14 Jun 2019

Let me introduce our organisation, Remedy Pharma is the manufacturer and exporter of pharmaceutical finished formulation. We would like to coordinate with you for all the territories you have operations in. Let me know if we can collaborate.

17:23,  21 Jun 2019

We got somatropin

Please do contact us for more details

Telegram: +1419 285 6898
Whatsapp: ??+1419 285 6898

00:13,  26 Jun 2019

pls contact us:

Greeting from Xi'an wanlong pharmaceutical company. We can produce APIs, tablets, capsules and injections. The therapeutic segme?nts covered by our portfolio include Anti-Allergic, Anti-Biotics, Anti-Diabetic, Cardiac, Amino acid nutritious, sma volume expander and chinese traditional medicine.
We are looking for partern to reach new market.

09:25,  04 Jul 2019

Hello sir,

We have Atorvastatin, Glimepiride, Simvastatin, Metformin

If you are interested, please kindly send back the message via email.

Looking hearing from you soon

08:03,  11 Jul 2019

Dear sir,

Greetings from Health Pharma...!!!

We can support you with asked products. We request you to send us an email containing all information so we can act accordingly.

Your response is awaited.

Thank you...!!!

20:36,  11 Jul 2019

Dear Buyer,

Remedy Pharma is a leading manufacturer and exporter of pharmaceutical finished formulations.
We have a very exciting product portfolio.
Our manufacturing plant has NAFDAC, MOH-Iraq, MOH-Yemen, MOH-Syria and MOH-Cambodia approval.
We can help you with the below products.
Please contact on
WhatsApp: +91 9423501509

16:00,  23 Jul 2019

Dear Sir,
We would like to update you that we are already working in UAE through GCC/KSA with the centralized registration procedure.

Our all the products are manufactured in our USFDA accredited facility and already commercialized in the USA.

We would like to hear from you regarding our possible business relations please share your contact details so that we can contact you with our proposal for all the possible products.

We are looking for an exclusive distributor for our products in the UAE.

Please contact us on below mail or conatct number.

21:00,  27 Jul 2019

For cabergoline Api contact my mail id

17:06,  07 Sep 2019

Dear sir/madam
We are whole sale distributror of Drug product substance, we are working on Genric/Harmonal/onco drug substance and drug product / if ur interested for same we will provide u for best quate for same .

We have facility for third party mfg.

17:56,  15 Sep 2019
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