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09 Jul 2019


Paracetamol+Codeine Tablet (Supply+CTD Dossier) needed in Ukraine [ENA04584]
The producer of pharmaceutical/biotechnology/oncology products is looking for suppliers of Paracetamol+Codeine (400 mg+30 mg) Tablet (Supply+CTD Dossier). The volume forecast is 10,000 units.

Comments :

Morkem Pharmaceuticals Pvt. ltd.

We can meet your requirement, request you to please provide the contact information for further communication.

Detail given below-
+91-9766769847 (Ph + Watsapp no.)

19:53,  09 Jul 2019

we can supply. kindly share your email to submit quotes

22:24,  09 Jul 2019

Dear Team,

We can meet your requirement please share your full details on below mail

16:43,  10 Jul 2019

Dear sir,

Greetings from Health Pharma...!!!

We can support you with asked products. We request you to send us an email containing all information so we can act accordingly.

Your response is awaited.

Thank you...!!!

20:35,  11 Jul 2019
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