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DEMO S.A. Pharmaceutical Industry is an industrial and commercial organization established in 1965 and active in the production and sale of pharmaceutical products. We are one of the major pharmaceutical manufacturers in Greece ranking first among all other companies in terms of sold units to hospitals. With annual growth rates exceeding 18% over the past 11 years, we rank as one of the top pharmaceutical...Read More

Dipharma is a leading European manufacturer of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients that has been developing innovative and proprietary processes since 1949. We support our customers worldwide with a strong and well resourced R&D team, three cGMP facilities in Europe, and offer world-renowned expertise in handling hazardous chemical processes. Our customers can benefit from our broad portfolio of generic...Read More

Derivados Químicos, S.A.U. was founded in January 1987, in Murcia, by Spanish investors. And in 1990, the company started manufacturing and marketing APIs and advanced intermediates for APIs. In 2008 joined Infa GROUP. The trend of Derivados Químicos, S.A.U. to date has been of constant growth and improvement, exhibiting great flexibility in the variety of products and size of the productions....Read More

In 1973, we started our operations with contract manufacturing of products to serve the human health, in 1998 we continued our manufacturing facility was established in Ankara 1st Organized Industrial. Our goal is to fulfill our duty in building a healthier future. Almost a half century we strive for this goal. Since we were established primarily to human health, we are in the post-production for...Read More

Di Renzo Regulatory Affairs cooperates with an International net of companies in the pharmaceutical regulatory consulting in all Member States of the European Community and in the main extra-EU countries. The mission of Di Renzo Regulatory Affairs is to offer regulatory consultancy to pharmaceutical companies intending to obtain marketing authorizations for medicines for human use, veterinary medicines,...Read More

Active since in 1958, DEVA Holding is one of the deep-rooted medicine manufacturers of Turkey. With its main scope of business covering manufacturing and marketing of medicines for human use and raw materials, DEVA Holding also produces veterinary drugs, cologne and medical vials. Majority shares of DEVA Holding were acquired in 2006 by the funds managed by GEM Global Equities Management S.A., an international...Read More

Specialists in customized high-quality API development and manufacturing, Delmar delivers smart, sound life science solutions to its pharmaceutical and biotech clients. Our skilled, responsive scientists develop innovative chemistry that optimizes commercial scale production of APIs and advanced intermediates. Following efficient processes and methodologies, our employees operate a regularly inspected...Read More

DISHMAN Netherlands is located in Veenendaal in the middle of the Netherlands. We are active in the marketing/sales and manufacture of Vitamin D analogues, Vitamin D, Cholesterol and lanolin related products for key markets as pharmaceutical, cosmetic, feed, food, shrimp farming and industry applications. Our Vitamin D analogue products include: Alfacalcidol, Calcifediol, Calcitriol, & Dihydrotachysterol-2....Read More

In the dinamic pharmaceutical field, DEAFARMA is the reference point for primaries Pharmaceutical Laboratories for over twenty years, even in the national and international territory. DEAFARMA works with success in the pharmaceutical raw materials field through Agencies and professional relations with the most important European and Asiatic factories. Our partners are well known, reliable producers...Read More

Dextra specialises in 'hard to do' chemistry through efficient process design and leading expertise, focusing on carbohydrate derivatives for pre-clinical and pharmaceutical applications. Product areas include neoglycosides, blood group sugars, glycosaminoglycans, human milk oligosaccharides, and protein N-glycans.Dextra's carbohydrate catalogue of over 700 compounds enables array and combinatorial...Read More

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